Second World War

As an amateur history buff I'm really interested in the Second World War. I mostly use Warlord Miniatures WWII range, with a few extras from West Wind thrown in. I'm especially interested in the history of foreign troops serving in the European armies, so this covers some of the foreign auxiliaries in the Waffen-SS as well as some British Commonwealth troops.

There's also a big NUTS campaign in the works, focusing on an alternate history where Germany invades Britain and the fighting spreads to the harsh valleys of North Wales.  This includes a mix of partisans, US Airborne and British special forces.

To date my completed models for ze Chermans include a small force of the Latvian Legion.  This is just a small infantry platoon at the moment but as my gaming buddies' armies grow, I'll expand it with some armour and more infantry.  The Latvian Legion are meant to represent very late-war troops, but as a stand-in I can pass them off as any post-1943 Waffen-SS troops.  In fact, the only unit identifiers are the few wearing tunics, where you can just see the Latvia arm shield, so I'll probably pimp them out and use them for a lot of things.

Current projects include a platoon of Handschar mountain troops - pictures to follow ... and incidentally, just search for the WW2 tag to see the latest updates on all the Second World War projects.

15. Waffen-Grenadier Division (lettisches Nr. 1)

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And see the pictures below!

Army of Freedom - North Wales Battalion

These are the guerrilla fighters - leftover Army personnel, enraged civilians and American airborne troops dropped in all fighting the German invasion.  Original posts are all here:



  1. Have you ever seen the movie "It happened here".
    Its an alternative history doc about an England totally occupied by the Reich, and shows normal ever day life.
    One of the things I thought was cool was that they had storm squads of "BUF", and Anglo S.S. units doing anti-partisan warfare.

    1. My dear Commissar, I have - one of my top 3 favourite films of all time! Andrew Mollo, who was one of the directors, wrote 'Armed Forces of World War 2' which I read cover-to-cover as a child. It's a cracking film - and all the more stunning for not having any stock footage at all in it! It was actually a bit of an inspiration for the project...


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