Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Storm Wolves Command Squad

I don't usually do commission work, but recently my brother got a Storm Wolves force together - a Space Wolves offshoot chapter based heavily on Vikings.  He had a five-man command squad are a 500pt army in their own right (last seen in the Battle of the Palace Steps) so I was challenged to paint them up.  These were an interesting challenge.  I've never painted SMs before, and rarely do metallic.  In case you can't tell. 

Pleased with:
  • Shield designs
  • Glowy sword
Not pleased with:
  • Patchiness of the white helmet
  • Grey armour looks somewhat uneven
If anyone has any tips on painting white ... I have been tempted to leave the undercoated white showing through unpainted, has anyone tried this?

Haakon Haakonsen and Command Squad

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sandman Specialist Entry Team

Regular readers will remember the crew of the Punisher tank from last year who defected to the Breaker Insurgency (the rebellious miners rising up against Palladian rule in our current campaign).  Well, Coldsteel Dan repaid the favour with some of Inquisitor Tiberius' hand-picked 'Specialist Entry Teams' of elite Guardsmen.  Here are the models Dan made and painted, along with some fluff.  These chaps will be joining in our forthcoming Small Games.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Finished U-Boat Diorama

Das Boot ist fertig, Herr Kaleun!

(Listen to this video in the background while viewing for the full Das Boot experience...)

Well, after approximately 20 hours' work, my U-Boat Diorama is completed.  It has been an emotional project, with a few moments of depression (when I realised my harbour water was far too clean and blue, necessitating a complete repaint) to elation (solving it with a spare tin of field-grey coloured Dulux I had from somewhere).

The crew were fun to paint in 20mm, and a challenge; the boat itself was actually done in about 15 mins (seriously!), with just one wash of black ink, an airbrushed highlight, and a liberal dose of weathering powders.  The water took the longest - painstakingly built up with filler, expanding foam, plaster, and PVA glue.  Each layer took about three days to dry, and the final glossy PVA is still not quite dry in time for its Wednesday photoshoot.

I'll let the pics do the talking.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Small Gaming: How I Fell In Love With GW Again

If there's one post title that's guaranteed to generate some comments, it's along the lines of 'Why I Hate GW', or 'Why I'm Boycotting GW'.  (Hypocrisy Alert:  I myself have tried this a few times in the past)  But I've had a bit of a rethink, and thought I'd share the secret of how you too can get back to the good old days.  It's called Small Gaming.

What is Small Gaming?

Small Gaming is skirmish games like Necromunda or Mordheim, or bigger games played with 'small rules' - such as Kill Team or Patrol Clash for Warhammer 40K.  It also has undertones of 'classic' GW, so old models, rules and mindsets - although there's nothing to stop you using newer models in it.

How did it start?

Necromunda - thanks to Kieran's breathtaking terrain skills we had a fantastic weekend that showed me happiness is in three dimensions.  A few gantries, steps, levels and tight-knit alleyways changes your game.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mordheim Battle Report

This lonely street became the scene of some vicious fighting today...
Those of you following my Mordheim series will know I've been putting together a warband for a few weeks now.  I was over at Coldsteel Dan's place recently and we managed to get a test game in!  Thanks to Mike for getting it all together and for all the terrain and organisation.  In the tradition of most of my batreps, I won't go in to all the nitty-gritty and stick to some general photos.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

U-Boat Diorama

I was in my local model shop recently, and I found myself overcome by a mad impulse to buy a big naval kit.  They have a wide selection of large-scale WWII ships, mostly on the top shelves and covered in dust.  I spied a 1:72 Type IX kit for a bargain price, and quickly snapped it up.  But what then?  I already have a small-scale U-boat kit from last Christmas.  I decided to turn this one into a diorama of a U-boat arriving back after a successful patrol.  This would involve cutting the hull in half, and setting it in plaster or some other such water substitute - a suitable challenge!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Battlefleet 1900

Another step forward on a long-dormant project today.  Way back in the mists of time (end of 2012), I bought some 1:3000 Russo-Japanese War ships with the intention of playing some Quickfire games.  Well, [insert measly excuse here] got in the way and I'm sorry to say they gathered dust for a few years.  However the interest was never really dead, and I recently went on holiday to Northumberland.  While wandering Barter Books, I found some great books on the history of the Russian navy, as well as late 19th century 'torpedo boat destroyer' designs.

And the rest, as they say, is history!  I dusted off the ships, repainted them, and decided to try the more complex Battlefleet rules. 

Battlefleet 1900 Playtest

They go in to much more detail than Quickfire, particularly with damage.  Effects include listing, searchlights being shot out, guns damaged, rudders jammed, crew panicking ... in short, real 'nitty gritty' detail that the amateur specialist loves.

The rules took a good three read-throughs, and even when me and Kieran had a test game I made some errors.  Specifically, I forgot all about critical hits so all four battleships were circling each other (sometimes at a range of about 200 yards) and blasting away, causing only superficial damage.  Woops!  But the game was fun, despite the severe constraints of a basic test game, and now I'm looking forward to expanding the fleets.  I want to do a few alternate history games around Admiral Rozhestvensky's ill-fated voyage to Tshushima.  

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Mordheim Warband - Part III

Ach!  Zombies!**
Part III
The Zombies

(If you missed them, catch up with Part I, the planning, and Part II, the Vampire)

I've toyed with collecting Undead for Warhammer in the past, and every time I always do the same kind of army.  Big powerful vampire, minimum number of token heroes, and endless zombie hordes!

It's not really competitive*, but it makes for a very fun game and is very fluffy.  I've carried this over to my Mordheim warband, and with the consent of my opponents I have one vampire, one Necromancer, and endless zombie hordes!  My objective each game will be to get as many zombies killed (re-killed?) as possible, and generally have lots of fun.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Trench Raiders Triple

A bit of set-dressing for our game, courtesy of Kieran's re-enacting days
Palladian Guard is firmly back in First World War mode today, as we share another of our Trench Raiders Triple battle reports.  The first was from a few weeks back and saw the Germans and Brits battle it out in the last desperate days of 1917.  This one was after Kieran had painted up his lovely French infantry, so I played with the men of 5th Battalion, the Lincolnshire Regiment, while Ollie commanded 5. Sturmbattalion.

This is a two-parter with Kieran - I'm going to do a brief update of the Trench Raider rules, and talk a bit about how they've developed to this point.  Then I'll relate the first battle where Ollie's stormtroopers attacked a French position, then I'll hand over to Kieran at DYHAF for him to do the final two clashes - the French and British attacks on two German positions.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Death Korps Commander

OZf. Hans Heinrich von Tiesenhausen, 
Commanding 4. Kompanie
It's been a while since we had an update on the Death Korps, so I'll share a couple of outstanding projects.  The main one is my FW DK Commander - one of my favourite models of all time.  I decided to convert him into a 'command stand' like a historical game, since he won't be doing much actual combat.  This is something I did for my old HQ diorama - a 60mm base with three men on it.

I also remembered to take step-by-step photos!  Hurrah!  Take a look below to see the diorama take shape.