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Shadow War Battle Report - Elysians vs. Arbites

Although I have a lot of outstanding projects on the go, I was lucky enough to score a gaming day last weekend, so I thought I'd share some pics.  This is using GW's new(ish) Shadow War ruleset.  I've blogged separately about how pleased I am that GW are bringing back some of these classic games in updated guises, but suffice it to say this skirmish game draws on the best elements of Inquisitor, Necromunda and Kill Team.  My favourite part is the flexibility of the lists, which allows you to take virtually any squad from your 40K army and turn it into a Shadow War team.

Dan played with his superb Elysian troopers, and I blew the dust of my Arbities SCT-7 team which we last used five years ago in our Necromunda Campaign Weekend.

Setup is really easy for this game, and most of the rules follow the classic GW move-shoot-assault structure, rolling for hit-wound-armour-injury.  This meant we had little to look up except weapon statistics, and we could focus on a really cinemati…

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