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Veluwezoom Forest: Team Yankee Battle Report

Time for another Team Yankee battle report.  My friends and I are really enjoying this game, and have even taken part in the global campaign which is currently running: Firestorm Red Thunder.

This scenario saw my Poles and Kieran's East Germans pitted against Mike's expertly-painted Brits.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable game with more than its fair share of tension!

Result: Draw!

As you can see, Kieran and I tried to push everything we had into grabbing just one objective.  We failed rather miserably in defending our northern one, and if Mike had just one more turn he probably would have been able to drive the mortars off and snatch it off us.

Our T-72s, contrary to previous games, did splendidly and (although they outnumbered the Chieftains two-to-one) managed to kill them for the loss of only one of their own.  British infantry proved frustratingly implacable in the defence as always, and in the end we smashed each other into an honourable draw.

I'll get something differe…

Last Stand at L'Armee Farm: WWI Battle Report

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new battle report in our latest Supercampaign: Storm of SteelAfter the exertions of our recent games, this is a nice simple side campaign we're running to relax before the big games we have planned for next year.

This is the situation on the afternoon of the first day, April 7th:

As you can see, the Germans are starting to take ground at a considerable pace.  We don't know what their casualties are like, but they suffered very heavily in the opening assaults so we hope to be able to trade ground (and lives) for time for their offensive to burn out.

I'm still experimenting with the format for the 'perfect' battle report format - I like to keep them simple overviews, rather than blow-by-blow accounts.  Here are three pictures illustrating the early, middle and late game of a German assault on a farmhouse where a British battalion HQ was located.

The Germans basically turfed the Brits out and won the ground, although at a heavy cost…

Havsted Crossroads - Team Yankee Battle Report

Good evening all, and welcome to another Team Yankee battle report.  TY is a great game - see our previous battle report if you don't believe me.  It's a brave attempt to tackle a complex environment, mixing lots of different battlefield elements in a very successful way.  
My brother and I played his first game of TY today, with two homemade lists - my Poles, and his Danes.  We opted for something a little different - a small board, with small forces, and heavily-forested ground with lots of hills.  It made for a very interesting game, where I was firmly defeated!
The Danes had to defend a crossroads with some tanks and infantry, while I had to try and barrel over without losing momentum.  The Danes proved extremely tough to dislodge from the buildings, and I made an extremely costly assault which saw a Motor Rifle Company and a T-72 platoon wiped out.  Off to Siberia for me!
Lessons learned: MILANs are nasty.A-10s are tough.Leopard 1s, despite their poor armour, are devasta…