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Palladian Guard in 6mm

You read that correctly.  The Palladian Guard are back... in 6mm.

A while ago I reflected on the way historical, non-28mm gaming has all but taken over this blog, and how I wanted to update the background material for my 40K army, the Palladian Guard.  Well, it's time to make a start - but, as you've just read, it won't be in 28mm.  At least, not primarily.

This came about because Ian (my worthy teammate of Elbe Bridgehead fame) has recently discovered the joy of Specialist Games, playing a series of very enjoyable Warmaster battles.  We've found that Warmaster and Epic are great ways of connecting with the 'old' Warhammer and 40K universes, without all the things us crusty old folks hate about the 'new' Games Workshop.  As I see it, there are some major benefits to gaming in 6/10mm:
Cost.  The models are much cheaper.Models.  Related to the above - in a smaller scale, there's even less need than normal to stick to GW's curiously extortionate bran…

Polish People's Army: Mechanised Battalion

Those of you who follow the society pages will probably know that we took over 20ft x 8ft of MoD real estate a few days ago, and had a massive game of Team Yankee.  My own force was a mechanised battalion of the 8. (Dresden) Mechanised Division, and is something I've been working on for many months now.  I thought I'd share a photo of the whole army in all its olive drab glory!

Team Yankee Megagame: The Elbe Bridgehead

I'm pleased to be able to share a battle report that has been months in the making.  This year has seen me play a lot of Team Yankee games, building up an entire mechanised battalion of the Polish army.

On Saturday, myself and eight others fought a 400pts mega-scenario on a 20ft x 8ft board.  This involved several months of work to set up, including a titanic pile of miniatures to paint and a large and complicated scenario to write.  We split down into two teams, and I tried to engender some realism and excitement by enforcing secret planning.  We had no idea what the other team would take, and there were a lot of meetings, phone calls and discussions which were almost as fun as the game itself.

The Scenario

We played on four 8ft x 5ft boards, each one separated slightly to allow access for model-moving.  Fighting along the table rather than across it, it was effectively a large corridor with six objectives spread along it.  Each objective generated a point every turn for the side …

Palladian Guard Reboot

I mentioned in my last post that my Imperial Guard army was due for a reboot in the next few weeks.  It's been a while since I covered anything 40K, so it's a good opportunity to give you an update on how things stand between me and my first love.

I've also included the sketches and notes I've been making on how I intend to bring the Pallaidan Guard up to date, renovate the fludd and make them into an interesting and dynamic 40K army with some real opportunities for interesting conversions.

The 'Old' Palladians

So, where did all this start?  The whole blog was originally dedicated to my beloved Imperial Guard army of Mordian models, hence the name.  The original concept was a Latin-Roman themed army, and my own particular force represented a company of elite Honour Guard troops - hence the full-dress uniforms.
By about 2012, I had a decent-sized army including tanks, infantry and special vehicles.  We played occasional games using our own half-remembered rules -…