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6mm ECW - Colonel Overton's Regiment of Foot

Today, we have a teaser for a forthcoming project!  After the success of Two Splendid Lines, the 6mm regimental-level American Civil War game, I'm currently researching and planning a similar game (as yet nameless) which will be an English Civil War equivalent.

Players will take command of a battalia of pike and shot, and have to use them in concert to defeat an enemy battalia.  Unlike most P&S era games, where the two are lumped together and just treated as one all-arms unit, in this game each wing must be ordered separately to work together.

I'm a member of Colonel Overton's Regiment of Foot (as my Facebook friends will know from my semi-regular pictures), so when I ordered the 6mm Baccus figures, I decided to recreate our distinctive New Model Army red coats.  Their opponents will probably be either Irish or Scots - to be decided.

Battle Report: Fall of Port Arthur

Sad news from the front!  The Siege of Port Arthur, Supercampaign V, is finally at an end!  Last night, Ollie, Kieran, Mike and I got together to enact Paul's final campaign order.  1st Division was ordered to storm the defences of the Russians and force an end to the siege.  An explainatory note - Hill 203 fell in September 1904, and since then pressure has steadily been applied.  The Russians were on the brink of starvation, but still inexplicably refused to surrender, forcing Paul's hand to a final assault.

We fought a 2mm game to determine how long the Russians could hold on for - not long, as it turned out.  After three turns the defences collapsed and most of the defenders fell back towards the town.  However, with a cunning but risky flank march, the Japanese managed to sieze the town with a bloodless coup de main.  We then fought a quick 28mm Trench Raiders game to decide what happened to the dramatis personae when the Russian HQ was overrun!