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The Battle of Gaines' Mill

Welcome to the first proper game of Two Splendid Lines, our 6mm regimental-focused ACW game!  I think I'll let the pictures (properly captioned) do most of the talking.  This was a small snapshot of the 4th Texas attacking the Federal positions on top of Turkey Hill at Gaines' Mill, June 27th 1862.  As part of our campaign we are playing every battle in which the 4th Texas participated in, in order.  We had a minor skirmish at Eltham's Landing last week, but this is the regiment's first pitched battle...

Franco Prussian War Supercampaign - The Bridge of Blood

Welcome to the latest Supercampaign!  Set in the Franco Prussian War, this immersive map campaign pitted Ollie (Prussians) against Kieran (French).

For those who haven't yet seen our supercampaign series, we did an American Civil War and English Civil War campaign earlier this year and had great fun.  Check the supercampaign tag out for more information.  I also wrote a book describing the action as it unfolded, in the style of an Osprey book.