New Painting Area

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

I've been a bit quiet of late as I unexpectedly had to move house - I still work in south Wales but now live in North Yorkshire, making for some interesting commuting.

I have two overdue posts with the results of our Franco Prussian War campaign, and the work on an immersive 6mm Regimental 'Simulator' game for ACW.  Both will follow this week - I promise!

In the meantime, I thought I'd quickly share this picture of my new painting area.  Without being to gloaty, I have managed to secure a box room to use as a hobby zone.

Interesting to contrast this with my painting desk I had in London, now three years ago!  I'll try and get my other posts up in the next few days.  Bye for now,



  1. Now that is a classy and relaxed set up. Love that you've got a nice window view too. Very orderly workspace, as I'd expected in all honesty.

    That commute must be hell...

    1. Well, it's probably only ordered because I've just set it up. Give me a week's intensive painting and it'll be a total mess again...

      Oh crikey, it's awful. Hoping to get moved up here next year!

  2. Nice space. The garage is now full of kid's scooters and bikes and prams an' all manner of girlie shite. You can hardly see any hobby stuff at all.

    Some or all of this may be an exaggeration.

    1. Haha, I'm sure you'll lead them on a valiant counterattack to reclaim the hobby lebensraum...

  3. That's a step up for sure - love the fact you have a window and a plant! While I have a window, its off to my left where I paint so I dont get to gaze off into the distance like I'm sure this allows you too while your in 'the zone'.

    1. Well, despite living in a lovely town now the view is just of a brick wall, so it doesn't distract me too much...


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