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Checking in...

It's been a long time, folks.  I thought I'd check in and let my loyal followers (both of them) know that I'm still alive and kicking.  It's always sad to read someone's blog that just trails away into nothing, so I'll try and make this as upbeat as possible.  Just to get it out the way, Real Life is going fine and I'm ticking along nicely.  Even managing to get a bit of wargaming in now and again!

In the last few months, the big news is that me and Kieran have started doing Flames of War! (Cheers from the wings)  I've been reading a lot about the First World War recently and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to start yet another fresh project.  I've meticulously researched C Coy, 18th (Service) Bn Northumberland Fusiliers (1st Tyneside Pioneers) and am trying to recreate exactly the company as it fought a valiant rearguard action against German stormtroopers in May 1918, on the Lys river bridgehead.