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Small Gaming: How I Fell In Love With GW Again

If there's one post title that's guaranteed to generate some comments, it's along the lines of 'Why I Hate GW', or 'Why I'm Boycotting GW'.  (Hypocrisy Alert:  I myself have tried this a few times in the past)  But I've had a bit of a rethink, and thought I'd share the secret of how you too can get back to the good old days.  It's called Small Gaming.

What is Small Gaming?

Small Gaming is skirmish games like Necromunda or Mordheim, or bigger games played with 'small rules' - such as Kill Team or Patrol Clash for Warhammer 40K.  It also has undertones of 'classic' GW, so old models, rules and mindsets - although there's nothing to stop you using newer models in it.

How did it start?

Mordheim Battle Report

Those of you following my Mordheim series will know I've been putting together a warband for a few weeks now.  I was over at Coldsteel Dan's place recently and we managed to get a test game in!  Thanks to Mike for getting it all together and for all the terrain and organisation.  In the tradition of most of my batreps, I won't go in to all the nitty-gritty and stick to some general photos.

U-Boat Diorama

I was in my local model shop recently, and I found myself overcome by a mad impulse to buy a big naval kit.  They have a wide selection of large-scale WWII ships, mostly on the top shelves and covered in dust.  I spied a 1:72 Type IX kit for a bargain price, and quickly snapped it up.  But what then?  I already have a small-scale U-boat kit from last Christmas.  I decided to turn this one into a diorama of a U-boat arriving back after a successful patrol.  This would involve cutting the hull in half, and setting it in plaster or some other such water substitute - a suitable challenge!

Battlefleet 1900

Another step forward on a long-dormant project today.  Way back in the mists of time (end of 2012), I bought some 1:3000 Russo-Japanese War ships with the intention of playing some Quickfire games.  Well, [insert measly excuse here] got in the way and I'm sorry to say they gathered dust for a few years.  However the interest was never really dead, and I recently went on holiday to Northumberland.  While wandering Barter Books, I found some great books on the history of the Russian navy, as well as late 19th century 'torpedo boat destroyer' designs.
And the rest, as they say, is history!  I dusted off the ships, repainted them, and decided to try the more complex Battlefleet rules. 
Battlefleet 1900 Playtest
They go in to much more detail than Quickfire, particularly with damage.  Effects include listing, searchlights being shot out, guns damaged, rudders jammed, crew panicking ... in short, real 'nitty gritty' detail that the amateur specialist loves.
The rules too…