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Mordheim Warband - Part III

Part III The Zombies
(If you missed them, catch up with Part I, the planning, and Part II, the Vampire)
I've toyed with collecting Undead for Warhammer in the past, and every time I always do the same kind of army.  Big powerful vampire, minimum number of token heroes, and endless zombie hordes!
It's not really competitive*, but it makes for a very fun game and is very fluffy.  I've carried this over to my Mordheim warband, and with the consent of my opponents I have one vampire, one Necromancer, and endless zombie hordes!  My objective each game will be to get as many zombies killed (re-killed?) as possible, and generally have lots of fun.

Trench Raiders Triple

Palladian Guard is firmly back in First World War mode today, as we share another of our Trench Raiders Triple battle reports.  The first was from a few weeks back and saw the Germans and Brits battle it out in the last desperate days of 1917.  This one was after Kieran had painted up his lovely French infantry, so I played with the men of 5th Battalion, the Lincolnshire Regiment, while Ollie commanded 5. Sturmbattalion.

This is a two-parter with Kieran - I'm going to do a brief update of the Trench Raider rules, and talk a bit about how they've developed to this point.  Then I'll relate the first battle where Ollie's stormtroopers attacked a French position, then I'll hand over to Kieran at DYHAF for him to do the final two clashes - the French and British attacks on two German positions.

Death Korps Commander

It's been a while since we had an update on the Death Korps, so I'll share a couple of outstanding projects.  The main one is my FW DK Commander - one of my favourite models of all time.  I decided to convert him into a 'command stand' like a historical game, since he won't be doing much actual combat.  This is something I did for my old HQ diorama - a 60mm base with three men on it.
I also remembered to take step-by-step photos!  Hurrah!  Take a look below to see the diorama take shape.

Mordheim Warband - Part II

In Part I we looked at the Mordheim Warband, I was conceptualising and deciding just which bunch of desperadoes to pick.  Having decided on Undead, I set about painting my Vampire model, and deciding on a name and some fluff.

Part II The Vampire
Those of you who read the last update will remember the model I picked was from Reaper Miniatures.  I have nothing but good things to say about their figures, there's a great range and the service was excellent.  I set about painting my lovely vampiress...
This was one of those models that was delightfully simple to paint - a quick white undercoat and she was ready.  I used Chaos Black for the hair and a Scab Red basecoat, Blood Red highlight for her dress (what else...).  Blood Red can be quite blotchy, so it took about three coats to get rid of that and get a really smooth colour.  I deliberately kept the harshness of the creases and shading, to make it more appreciable at a distance.