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English Civil War

This year has already seen Kieran and I start a new project with the Mordheim Warbands, which are well under way.  We couldn't possibly be starting something else as well, could we?

We could!

Mordheim Warband - Part I

When reading other people's blogs, I often find the most useful pieces to be on the breakdown of a project - how it was conceived, executed and delivered.  I always forget to chart my progress as I go, so I'm pleased to report that myself, Kieran, Coldsteel Dan and a few others are starting a Mordheim campaign soon.  More excitingly still - I'm going to document the whole thing, and this is the first post in that series. 
Part I The Plan

Oldhammer 40K

Whether it's fedoras, pop art, colonial wars or Nickelodean, retro is back.  Old is the new new, and where else is this more true than the grumbling masses of ageing GW fans*?  My gaming group have already rejected a lot of the changes that Sixth Edition brought**, and we generally play from memory (mostly Fourth).

But Kieran recently, and generously, let me have a copy of the Second Edition Guard Codex, and I have fond memories of the Third Edition one.  So, when idly browsing Ebay I came across some absolute steals...

Trench Raiders Campaign Day

With all of us off at different times over Christmas, Kieran, Ollie and I made a special effort to get together for a few games of Trench Raiders during the festive period.  The game is really maturing now, thanks to all the readers of this blog who have downloaded and enjoyed the game across the world.  My gratitude goes out to those who've emailed in with feedback on the game; every email has contributed in some way to the rules.

Painting Death Korps

Happy New Year First of all, thanks to everyone for the last year and here's looking forward to another belter.  Among the new projects lurking in the wings is an English Civil War army and a Mordheim Warband.
A few weeks ago, I shared some of my thoughts on starting a Death Korps of Krieg army.  With the models here and my holiday in full swing, I decided to make a start with building and painting.
I bought some of these models off Ebay, and they arrived loose in a small plastic money bag.  There was nothing wrong with the quality, but they had all been removed from the sprues and it was impossible to tell which arm fitted to which lasgun or body.  Only by tortuously laying out every torso, left arm and right arm could I try every permutation until they fitted, and even then I had to use lots of Green Stuff.  
I saved about £5 by buying second hand off Ebay; although I've only had good experiences (with various sellers) buying GW stuff, but for FW it's a bit o…