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Best of 2013

Merry Christmas! This year has been pretty dramatic.  We had a step change in terms of wargaming and apart from all the painting and modelling, I managed to get in some very regular games, with some really memorable snippets.  Let's look back over the year at some of my favourite projects, games and funny moments... Tale of Two Gamers was the Battlefleet Gothic campaign me and Kieran ran early in the year.  It was great fun to play a Specialist Game - we've always preferred the friendly, non-competitive and vaguely 80's cult ethos of these games, but this was the first we'd ever played properly.  It was a significant milestone in also being the first fully-painted, fully-terrained game I'd played ever, and being a valuable lesson in planning and running a campaign.  It was never conclusively finished, so we may end up carrying this on one day...

Pakwagen Halftrack

Things have been a bit quiet of late on the Second World War stuff - the 40K campaign has taken over a little bit, but I've still been doing lots of painting, you'll be pleased to hear.

This is my latest effort, the Sd Kfz 251/22 'Pakwagen' from Warlord Games.  A nice-looking model that will probably be my Latvian Legion's only mechanised anti-tank, since we're going to be playing small skirmish games.  It's a very nice kit, easy to put together and detailed as most of Warlord's stuff is.  The cannon and crewman are metal and the half track itself is resin.  I decided to make it look a little more ragtag than usual with the addition of a tarpaulin half-strewn across the gun; perhaps an attempt at camoflauge for a road move, or more likely just hurriedly bringing the gun into action against the advancing Russians!  It's just tissue paper dipped in wet PVA glue then given successive black washes and grey highlights until I was happy.

Chimera Alternatives

For those of us Guard players who don't like the stock GW Chimera, there are plenty of alternatives out there.  Not being much of a Chimera fan at all, I haven't tried very many but I was given the opportunity to the other week when I went over to Zzzzz's place (for the Big Apocolypse Doom Game)  He gave me this kit to build up - a Hammer APC from War Chimera.
It was an interesting challenge, doing something totally different and non-GW, and opened my eyes to the possibility of varying the stock options in a GW army.  Let me talk you through some of the pictures.

200th Post: Battle of the Palace Steps

Yes, that's right - 200 posts!  I did have a mushy 'it's all you guys' post, but the other day me, Ollie and Coldsteel Dan had one of the most enjoyable and epic games of 40K I've had in a long time.  So I decided that it would be more interesting - and appropriate to this blog's theme - to make this milestone post a battle report instead.

The Story So Far

The restive moon of Edethor stirs ... this looks more than mere discontent - it's an uprising!  Read the full background post here, but the bottom line is the Palladians (Me) are fighting the Breaker Insurgents (Dan), while two Space Marine Chapters (Ollie's Storm Wolves and Kieran's Mawrynites) persue their own secret agendas on the planet.  It's a fluid, casual and friendly narrative campaign.
The first two battles were both between the Palladians and the Spears of Mawdryn (searching for ancient Chapter relics on Edethor) - a bloody hard-fought draw followed by a win for the Palladians.  So t…