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Starting a Death Korps of Kreig Army

I've decided to start a new Imperial Guard army.  After two years of Palladians, it's time for something a bit new.  Let me talk you through what I decided to do, and how.

I really like the Death Korps models; always have done.  I think it was reading a post on Zzzz's blog about the new platoon deals from Forgeworld that got me excited - my Palladians have reached a logical point to finish, so I'd decided on my new army.

Fluff Creation

Regular readers will know about my passion for fluff, so they may be surprised by my efforts to reduce the amount of fluff for this army.  The reason is, fun though all the Palladian fluff was, this is just supposed to be a nice quick army that's going to look great on the table.

I can use the vanilla DKoK fluff to give me any background information I need, leaving me to focus on the models themselves and a little bit on the unit and its characters.

Looted Punisher Tank

Quick update today - recently me and Coldsteel Dan agreed to do an exchange project.  He put together some elite Guardsmen (post and fluff to follow), while I did a Leman Russ Punisher for him. In a cruel twist, we thought it would be good to do it in Palladian colours, with a few slogans and extra wear and tear on it.

The Breakers are an oppressed mining community on the Palladian moon of Edethor Luna, and they're not really 'chaotic', just anti-Imperial. So I thought it would be a bit trite to just cover it with Chaos symbols. It was fun to build; never done a Punisher before and it's been a while since I've done any Guard tanks. Keep an eye on Coldsteel's blog for its first outing against its erstwhile owners!

Organising Your Imperial Guard Army

I've been making a real effort to organise my Imperial Guard army lately, so I thought I'd share the fruits of my labour.  Organising is one of those things people often tend not to focus on, particularly when it involves spending time or money.  Our hobby taxes them both pretty well already.  But I find a small amount of time and effort pays off, and makes deploying and using your army a lot easier.

Painting and Buying Chart
A lot of people use these, but the best I've seen is by Admiral Drax.  This is simply a chart to keep track of all the models you own, and what stage of completion they're currently at.
Here Drax has done a simple Excel spreadsheet with colour codes for models which are bought, built, and completed.  You might assume you'd know this stuff if you're collecting an army, but it can really help to visualise it and more than once I've bought a duplicate of a model, forgetting I've already got one.  It's also really helpful for buildi…

Remembrance Sunday

"When our perils are past, shall our gratitude sleep?"

George Canning

Apocalypse Now: Battle for Ebirnan

Me and Kieran recently made the trip to visit Zzzzzz at his pad and take part in an Apocolypse-scale game.  This was the first time we'd played anything on this scale, and my word what a day it was.  Readers of Adm Drax's blog will have seen the recent post on his own visit earlier this year.  He summarised the spirit of the day brilliantly: great company, plentiful brews, a frankly staggering collection of models and terrain from Zzzzzz and a fantastic narrative Apocalypse game.  As well as coma-inducing quantities of bacon.