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New Modelling Area

“When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them.”
Rodney Dangerfield
Done!  After three weeks of packing I have finally moved into my new digs in the middle of sunny Cambridgeshire.  Of course, as all fellow wargamers will know my main concern was the model box (the driver's leisurely pace of work, charging as he was by the half-hour, coming in a close second).  
All the paints and modelling supplies went into the top of a clothes box for extra cushioning (with double black bin bags to protect against spillages).  The lion's share of the supplies went into two shoeboxes and I had enough foam model trays to keep the models themselves in.  And of course the desk itself was one of the first things to be set up.  A year or so ago I did a post on the layout of my modelling desk in the London flat.  Time for an update.

The New Zealand Legion: 1919 Faction

Readers of Headologist's blog will have heard about his new alternate history project - 1919.  Allow me to pinch his summary from the blog:

"In these circumstances, if you carry out your threat and strike, then you will defeat us.  But if you do so, have you weighed the consequences? ...  For, if a force arises in the state which is stronger than the state itself, then it must be ready to take on the functions of the state itself, or withdraw and accept the authority of the state.  Gentlemen, have you considered, and if you have, are you ready?' 
Prime Minister, David Lloyd George to strike leader Robert Smillie
In 1919, Britain was already close to revolution - and whilst this has been debated, it is clear that the Government of the day considered it a very real possibility. I won't waffle on about this history now, I'm saving that for a shiny document. But the quote from Lloyd George above sums it up nicely.

What if Smillie and the others had said that they were rea…

Guess the Commander's Name

I recognise that I probably have enough Guard officers now.  For those who don't know, my Imperial Guard Army is led by commanders who each have their own unique storylines, backgrounds and careers.  And they are 'Dead is Dead' - so if they loose their last wound in a game, that's it.  They're retired and I convert a new model.
That of course means lots of conversions, since Guard officers have a very short lifespan.  But I enjoy it - if I haven't done a 40K model in a while, I can convert my own new model from scratch and spend a while on him.  Here's my latest offering ...

Diorama: HQ (Ordnance Liaison)

Time for another diorama - this is something I've been tinkering with for the last few weeks.  Fellow blogger Dai was kind enough to recently pop some models across the pond for me to paint up, and these are the results.  The ones I used here were two of the Imperial Guard Adviser models - Navy Liaison Officer and Master of Ordnance.  I wanted to do something a bit special for them, and with Captain Severus taking command of the company, this could be the perfect opportunity to model his new advisers.

Trench Raider Rules

Hi all, and welcome to the culmination of a project I've been working on for a few weeks now - a skirmish ruleset for Trench Raids in the First World War.  It's designed to be played with 28mm models, and have a bit of the feel of old 40K Kill Team rules.  Sneaking round defences, outwitting sentries and then, of course, the brutal close-range firefight.  This is a snippet from the introductory post:
It's a skirmish game, with the attacker controlling about eight trench raiders, and the defender (GM or NPC) in command of the sentries in the trench under attack.There is a whole system for stealth with randomised sentry behaviour.The game is heavily focused on realism, with devastating grenades, very easy wound rolls, and centred around the effective use of cover.Everything revolves around actions and 'activation' - your team only gets D3 activations per turn, with each turn representing only a few seconds.This makes the whole game about one or two minutes of real-ti…