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PC Game Review: Space Hulk

In the latest of what's been a pretty successful venture for GW, they've added to their PC Game repertoire with a remake of the classic Space Hulk board game.  I got it for my birthday and decided to type out a few words.

Firstly, it isn't a remake of the classic PC game - the one where you're inching along pixelated corridors with genuine terror as Genestealers lurk just beyond the draw distance.  It's a modern version of the board game, that feels a lot like an RPG as you move along tiles, spend actions, and roll (virtual) dice.

Trench Raiders Playthrough

The last couple of weeks have had a distinctly WWI feel, as I paint my Russian and German Infantry for a skirmish game of Trench Raiders.  Me, Ollie and Dan (you might remember us all from the Necromunda campaign) managed to get together on one of my now-exceptionally-rare days off and play two games.  I'd already thrashed out most of the rules - this was just a playtest really.
I won't go into detail on the battle reports, but hopefully the pictures give you a feel for the pace of the game and also show the setup.  When we have a fully functioning set of rules, I'll do a batrep and put the rules up for download.  Oh, and you can read about some of the difficulties and considerations when I first dreamt up the rules, here.

Tutorial: WWI German Infantry

Still working away on WWI stuff with a view to getting enough forces to play Trench Raiders, my own skirmish wargame.  The Russians are done and dusted - see them in all their khaki glory here.

So I'm painting some German infantry up now, and it wouldn't be fair to teach everybody to paint Russians without doing Germans, would it?  These chaps make heavy use of the tecniques discussed in the Army Painter review.  So here we go.  Hang on to your stahlhelms...

Review: Army Painter

I'll take a bit of a break from my WWI rules today to do a bit of a modelling post today, while we take a look at Army Painter's Quick Shade.  I'm currently working on my WWI Germans, and since this stuff is so invaluable I thought I'd share my thoughts.  This is already pretty popular and there are a lot of good tutorials out there; instead I'll aim this post at someone who's never used it before and wants to see the 'before and after'.

Anyway, Quick Shade is basically an ink, which comes in Strong, Soft and Dark tones.  As I say, there are tonnes of videos out there on the subtle differences between the exact tones so I won't cover old ground.  Ron at FTW has done an excellent post on these and their similarities to the old GW Devlan Mud inks and others.  Well worth a look.

Writing a First World War Wargame

In recent posts on the WWI theme, I've alluded to my plan to write a First World War game based on the trench raids on the Western Front.  With my Russians finished and my Germans underway, and Headologist with French and Austrians in the post, we have all the troops we need for a good clash.

Now we just need some rules.

Writing wargames is difficult.  Motivation is the toughest, since there are thousands of games out there covering every conceivable period, duplicating someone else's work is inevitable.  And it isn't easy - it might seem fun at first, writing your own special rules and lovely dice charts, but as anyone who has tried it knows, there's nothing like the sinking feeling that comes when one of your playtesters says, "well, can I do this?", and you realise there's no rule for it.  And you can't think of a way to represent their desired action.  It's a difficult job.

WWI Russians

Hello again - been a bit of a quiet week really, but I've been plodding on with my WWI Russians from Musketeer Miniatures - tutorial post here.  I've really had fun painting these chaps, experimenting with a few different techniques.  I haven't tried any of the new Painting Faces methods you chaps so generously shared yet, just for consistency's sake.

Now I have some Russians, there are Renegade Miniatures Germans coming soon.  Once that's done, I'll probably get a few Highlanders to complete my armies, then we'll be ready to playtest the WWI rules - post to follow next week!  Anyway - enjoy the piccies.