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Quick 'n' Cheap Urban Bases

Headologist and I are still preparing for our Necromunda campaign next month, which means I'm in a marathon of building and painting to get the gangs and terrain ready.  The last post was about my Cawdor gang, and I touched on the cheap bases I made.  With 20-30 models required for all the participants, anything that saves time and money is welcome.

I'll do a quick tutorial here, pitching at a fairly basic step-by-step level for newer players too, so you Longbeards excuse anything that seems a bit basic.

Cawdor Necromunda Gang

Just finished my Necromunda gang, and though I'd share.  Me and Headologist are busily painting up gangs and terrain (see his scrofulous Scavvies here) for a planned Necromunda super weekend in June, marking another sensible decision by GW to discontinue one of my favourite product lines.

We've always been into Necrounda (in theory) - we probably played more Inquisitor than 40K in our youths because it was cheaper, and have long wanted to move onto Necromunda.  I went on a brutal overspending spree on Ebay and spent well over £100 on various collectors' models and enough to make two gangs.  These really are all beautiful models from a bygone era, metal ones of serious quality and with some imaginative and creative sculpting.

Heirodeacon Varn Leader of the Krell Yards (East) Chapter of the United Redemptionist Church of Necromunda

Imperial Guard Priest

This week has seen some pretty extensive modelling going on.  After finishing the latest update of my Background Book, fluff has been given a bit of a break for a while while I clear the backlog of unfinished models in my collection.  A while back I had a serious re-org of my modelling area, which involved putting all the unbuilt models away in a drawer.  Very tidy, but unfortunately some have sat in there for quite a while now.

New Imperial Guard Background Book

Long-time readers may remember last year's Background Book - a book of homemade fluff on my Imperial Guard army.  Well, I've been chipping away at rewrites for almost a year now, and I'm very pleased to announce Edition 2.0.

The 'change log', if you like: A toning-down of the zealous, futuristic tone of the text to a slightly more neutral style - for ease of comprehension.Added several diagrams and summary charts, especially on Recruitment, to clarify some of the tings which were laboriously described in blocks of prose.Addition of a section on rank insignia and some uniform pictures.A complete Order of Battle, with strengths and ammunition/equipment holdings.Some correction of errors, omissions and continuity bloopers.

Chaos Commander

Hi everybody - once in a while, I'll buy a model just for the sheer fun of it.  This is the story of one of those days.  I was at my local model shop, loudly lamenting the loss of specialist games, when the owner showed me a dusty cardboard box.  As a GW retailer he has long since stopped selling blister packs, but had a few left over at knockdown prices.  Mostly old LOTR stuff, but in the background I saw an old 'Lucius the Eternal' figure lurking, and picked him up for a steal price.

Halt! Papers Please!

After a lot of 40K stuff over recent weeks, I think it's time for an update to my World War 2 forces.  Since August (which was WW2 month last year) I haven't really done much on them and Headologist and I last did a battle in October.  Not forgotten, just on the back burner really.

So I was clearing out my modelling area when I decided to do a few bits which have been sitting on my desk for yonks - mostly the old WW2 stuff you see before you.

Tactica Imperial Guard: Heavy Support

Ladies and Gentlemen ... the moment you've all been waiting for:  Tactica Imperial Guard, Heavy Support!!!  The fifth and final episode in the Tactica Imperial Guard series, we're now going to look at the big beasts of the Imperial Guard.

We sat through silly horses, we sat through puny weapons teams and we sat through weak infantry.  Space Marines laughed, Eldar mocked and Necrons just ignored us.  Now they shall know fear, for it is upon them!

Sorry, got a bit carried away there.  Here we go ...

Tactica Imperial Guard: Fast Attack

Welcome back all, for part four of five in my ongoing Tactica Imperial Guard series, this time it's Fast Attack.

Before we plunge into the depths of the Codex, you all deserve a quick update as things have been moving over the last few days:
I've been guest blogging over at DYHAF, with a little spiel on GW and their latest controversy, which I like to call 'Faeitgate'.Picked up a cheap Lucius the Eternal model from my local store, which I'm going to paint up and use as a generic bad guy for our campaigns.Ordered a bunch more metal IG models now they might well be dying off ... including priests, old commissars, sergeants and demolition charge Catachans.Finished a long-time overhaul of my Palladian fluff - expect a post on that soon!