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Tactica Imperial Guard: Troops

The latest installment in the series on Guard tactics, which takes a look at the Codex unit-by-unit, basically looking at how good all our units are.  This has stirred up quite some discussion on the previous posts, so hopefully we can carry on as we started when we look at the mainstay of the Guard - nay, the Imperium - the humble Troops.

Imperial Guard troops are an oddity.  The options available are staggering - you can get veterans, heavy weapons, conscripts - and everything in between. Stuff that would fill up another codex entirely is to be found neatly packed in the two troops pages of the codex.  It's perfectly possible to build a very competitive army incorporating all the required specialisations just using Troops slots.

Tactica Imperial Guard: Elites

Continuing my series of posts on Imperial Guard tactics, today I'm going to be looking at those mainstays of the Guard battleplan - Elites.  These nails units offer up an enormous range of specialties  not to mention fantastic modelling and painting opportunities.  But like all Guard, they're generally not that tough and can run up a hefty points bill if you let yourself run away with it all.

(Should also mention that the prices given in all these articles are taken from GW direct - you can usually save at least 10% by going through another supplier.)

Tactica Imperial Guard: HQ Units

Hello again everybody!  Been a bit of a quiet week this week as I've been working pretty non-stop, but glad to say normal service has been resumed. Quick modelling update: After Commissar von Körtig, I'm carrying on with more Penal Legionnaires - with a few new purchases from Victoria Lamb that I'll be reviewing in a post later this weekMy good pal Headologist is still neck-deep in his dissertation so there are no games on the horizon, but we are tinkering with a few fiction ideas, hopefully we'll be getting to the stage where we both do a weekly serial on some kind of joint story. But that's all by the by.  Today, I wanted to introduce what I hope will become a semi-regular slot on the blog of Imperial Guard tactical guides.  I'm going to be looking at the codex, unit-by-unit, and sharing a few thoughts.  Maybe one or two new players might get something out of it, and I'm sure it will stimulate some discussion amongst the longbeards out there!  I notice f…

Finished: von Körtig's Backscratchers

Hi all!  After last week's update to the Penal Legion, I've been busily painting away for the last week.  This is what I've come up with.  If you missed it, this is the link to the concept/construction post.  I'll let the pics do most of the talking here!

One thing that's missing is a flag (thanks for the idea for that Chris), just need to wait until Bitzbox have one in stock again.

Captain Severus Takes Command ...

“He’s coming!”One of the subalterns had been lingering by the door of the Company HQ, and when the carrier jerked to a muddy halt outside he hissed his warning inside.  It was met with a hum of murmuring activity as the others hurried to the door.  Captain Norbanus stood closest, heading the little party of staff officers.  It was unusual for the executive officer to be greeting the arrival of a new company commander, but since the battle had taken the lives of all the field officers, there was no alternative.Galbrio had been boiled alive with a plasma bolt to his gut.  The promising young boy had died in agony, the medic pinned down by bolter fire in a crater three feet away.

A Project Is Born - "von Körtig's Backscratchers"

Hi everyone!  Got back into the swing of modelling this week with some time off in the flat.  So, what to do?

While watching the famous scene in Enemy at the Gates, where retreating Soviet soldiers are machine-gunned by NKVD 'blocking troops', I thought that's just the thing my Penal Legion could do with ... although they weren't as keen as I was.  I promptly went on a bit of a spending spree and got:

Various Vicky Lamb parts - mostly flak-armoured torsos and heavy weapon arms, with some conversion bits tooSome legs of unknown origin, mostly Guard plastics but some other generic-looking limbsSome heavy weapons carriages and gasmask heads from MaximiniSM Terminator Assault Cannons from BitzBoxAnd 60mm bases and a Commissar model from GW itself. The vague idea was to make three Assault Cannon stands, one of which would have a commissar on it, 'encouraging' the Penal Legion to carry on.  Not quite sure how it would work in game terms, but I'll come to that in d…

In The Name Of The Emperor...

Can't believe it's been a whole week already.  Last week, me and Coldsteel Dan clashed in a rather epic game of 40K which I scraped by the skin of my teeth - at the cost of about 25 men and all my company officers.  Argh!

After a battle between Headologist and myself last year, I did a little post called 'Death by Fluff' where I took a little look at the practice of running a campaign with 'Dead-is-Dead' officers.  That is, when my officers die in battle, that's it and I replace them (model and all).

But Nero's death really tested me.  I was so tempted to write it off as a 'flesh wound' and bring him back - but in the end I decided it was better to end the story and give someone else a chance to write their own.  To summarise all the promotions and demotions, medals etc: