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Imperial Guard: Looking Forward, Looking Back

I'm in a bit of a pensive mood this morning, so I'm going to start rambling on all the little topics I've always wanted to post on and gather them together - hopefully in some kind of order.  All this has been sparked by my reaching something of an impasse with my Guard army.  I've got one of almost every unit in the codex, and not sure if I can cope with life after Guard!  But that decision might be made for me by the executive bigwigs at GW ...

Battle Report: Cruiser Clash

Welcome back to a very special joint post on Palladian Guard, as today we not only have a new Battle Report but today marks the start of a new game covered here on the blog!  Me and Headologist have been long-time 40K players, and we've dabbled in a few Battlefleet Gothic games in the past.  But while Headologist has always been a big fan of naval warfare I'm relatively new to it all - drawn in no doubt by the hours of Silent Hunter 3 over the last few months.
So the last time we crossed paths, I dug out four old Imperial Cruisers, and H got his wonderfully painted Chaos ships and we had a trial game of BFG.  I hadn't played in a long time, so we stuck to the basic rules.  In H's living room, complete with copious cups of tea/coffee, we set out the field of battle.  This would be a straightforward Cruiser Clash scenario.  I should mention here that we took notes and H drew up some lovely charts to illustrate the battle - each one is a beautiful work of art in its own ri…

First Rank ... FIRE!!!

Morning everybody!

First, news!  I'm planning a fairly earth-shattering career move in the next six or twelve months, as a result of which my posting rate has slipped slightly.

Apparently if you want to swap jobs, and your current employer finds out about it, they do their level best to squeeze every last man-hour out of you before you go, like drinking an entire half-pint of milk, even though you don't want it, just because it's going out of date tomorrow.

Force on Force - 20mm British Army

Morning all!  Now, for yet another exciting side project to keep me distracted.  A fellow wargamer sent a large cardboard box of powdered mashed potato my way a few weeks back.  Great!  When I opened it up, however, it turned out that it was just a fistful of 20mm British Army figures, itching to have a game of Force on Force.

Even better!

Thargadd's Thumpers

(For those of you who don't know what this is all about, it's the culmination of a brilliant collaborative project between myself and the good Mordian7th - basically a unit swap.  Thargadd's Thumpers have just arrived to take up their place in the illustrious ranks of the 122/7th Pioneer Company ... read Mordian's post to find out the first half of the fluff!)

Palladian Assault Weapons

Afternoon everybody!  Hope all's well.  Over here I've been ploughing through a few of my distractions for the last couple of weeks and I have an upcoming post on some more Force on Force miniatures.  But having finished my latest model I decided to work on something a bit new to me. Assault weapons.

U-96 - Another Project On The Side (or Abeam...)

Well, I said there would be distractions.  Carrying on from the Evening Star a few days ago, now I've finished another kit - a German Type VIIC U-Boat U-96, this one from Revell.

Evening Star - A Side Project

Hope everyone's recovering from all the New Year festivities - back at home now and throwing myself back into modelling, and I have an awful lot to do.  As well as the ongoing Palladians (of course) I have:

The Chaos Renegades to finishMy new Penal LegionThe WW2 Germans and BritsSeveral Airfix kits I got as Christmas giftsA 20mm Force on Force army I'm painting for a friend (more on this in a later post)

Plans for 2013

Well, here we are at the end of Palladian Guard's first calendar year.  And what a year it's been!

Rather than ramble on about where I'm at on each project, if passengers would direct their attention to the links at the top of the page, I keep these (fairly) up to date so you can click on each period/rules system and check out the latest piccys.  Also, I'd recommend reading a battle report or two if you have the time.