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How to Fluff in Two Easy Steps!

Well, belated Christmas and preemptive New Year's greetings to you all!  We're almost at the end of Palladian Guard's first year, so I thought I'd do a throwback to some of my earlier posts with a look at fluff, and fluff creation.  I should also mention Headologist, who's done a series of fluff creation posts of his own over at DYHAF.

His posts focus a bit more on creating settings, factions and background from the ground up - making your own Space Marine chapter or Imperial Guard regiment, for example.  So as not to tread on fluffy toes, this is more focussed on creating background for an existing army, so how to write up battle reports and campaigns in a 'fluffy' way.

Mordian7th's Palladian Veterans: Part III

Hi again!  I know it's Christmas Eve, but in the spirit of giving and goodwill, I'll do a post on the Veteran Squad I'm doing for Mordian7th, over at his eponymous and quite superlative blog.  If you missed them, check here for the Part I (planning) and here for Part II (building).  This is part of an exchange project - make sure you check out Thargadd's Thumpers, shortly making their way to join 122/7 Coy.
Part III will glaze over painting a bit, as they were very simple.  I wanted them to be veterans, but I wanted them to be part of the army.  So they used exactly the same scheme as my regular infantry, except they had a bit of weathering powder added, and used a variety of tunics and insignia.  I know you all know I'm a fan of Victoria Lamb stuff, but I'll make a special mention of the tunics and shoulder boards here.  All really, really nice to paint, they look totally interchangeable with regular Mordians, and I'm also very much liking the extra medal…

Diorama: For Valour

Morning people, welcome to a very festive-feeling post on Palladian Guard this morning.  Not festive because of Christmas etc, but festive because today marks this blog's first birthday!  Hurrah!  (The festive spirit is also somewhat dampened by me being at work over Christmas as well).

Anyway, on to business.  A few months back I used one of the scenic bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures to create a Sherlock Holmes-themed diorama.  It ended up making a nice gift, so I thought I'd do something similar for Christmas.

The base is the same from Secret Weapon.  I've not started a whole new army since the Palladians, but if I did I'd definitely get these bases to build my army.  Really nice - and dead easy to use.  The model is one of the PIAT gunners from Warlord Games' British Airborne range - there's no conversion and painting was fairly straightforward.  I used a similar process to my Army of Freedom from World War Two month.  The base used successive layers of …

St Adelphia's Hope: A Collaborative 40K Project

In my last post I showed some of the Penal Legionaries I'd done using some nice Victoria Lamb bitz, and a few of you mentioned the fluff paragraph I did.  Well, me and Headologist have decided to get our respective acts together and do the proper posts for you now.  We've split it in half, so go to Headologist's blog for the background, and I'm doing the stuff on the various Imperial Guard units on the planet.
St Adelphia's Hope breeds a rare kind of man.  Like the icy tundra of Valhalla, the deadly jungles of Catachan or the bleak hives of Armageddon, survival is a battle in itself and to live to adulthood needs a certain toughness that off-worlders just cannot match.  This makes these planets ideal recruiting-grounds for the Departmento Munitorium.  St Adelphia's Hope is one such world.  The P.D.F. and Imperial Guard contingents are quite small.  There are four regiments in the P.D.F., for a total of about 12,000 men, who are almost exclusively tied up in su…

Hellbrooke's 'Last Gasp' Platoon

Morning all!  Hope everyone's okay - time for a quick post on a surprise project that'll blindside you all, as me and Headologist have been secretly working on.  I recently bought a load of bitz from Victoria Lamb for building Mordian7th's veterans, part of a recent collaboration project.

Mordian7th's Palladian Veterans: Part II

Hi everybody - time for another update on one of my collaboration projects, this time with Mordian7th.  For those of you who missed the last post on planning, the idea is for us both to build a squad for each other and post them off to join the other's army - a nice way to get a permanent link between the two forces.  Mordian7th has just done a post on Thargadd's Thumpers, a squad of Ogryns shortly to join the Second Battalion.  As he's pointed out, loud, muscley Ogryns are perfect for a squad from across the pond in good ol' US of A, so for my part some prim, smartly dressed Palladian veterans will be my contribution for this swap!

Well - not quite smartly-dressed.  I had to think about the unit I wanted to build, and I didn't want to do just an ordinary infantry squad.  Mordian7th wanted some veterans, which was perfect: I could use smart uniforms but also put a bit of individuality into my models.

Devos IV Detachment: Captain Aelius

Hi everybody, hope you're all okay reading this from your respective corners of the globe.  My own corner is boxed in with paints, brushes, glue, knives and Silent Hunter 3 at the moment but that does mean I've managed to plough on with a fair bit this week.  First on the painting list was a detachment I did for Zzzzzz over at Devos IV, a liaison squad of an officer and a few Honour Guardsmen.  This is part of a few detachments and collaborations I've got in the works at the moment - it's actually quite refreshing painting for someone else as it ups your game and makes you get down to it a little more!  Anyway, without further ado ... first slide, please.

Converted Tank Destroyer

Afternoon everyone, and welcome back to Palladian Guard.  Well, as (long since) promised, I finally got my act together and finished my Tank Destroyer that I started a while back.  Click the link to see a bit about the construction and background.  After building and painting I've decided to redesignate it a 'Tank Destroyer' rather than a Laser Destroyer, since the breech and lack of any big cables or anything make it clear it's a shell-firing gun.

Battle Report: Seize The Comms Tower!

Hello again and welcome back!  On my way home I stopped off and managed to get a quick 1,000 Take And Hold game in with my mate Coldsteel Dan - not a blogger but an ardent gamer with two full-sized Space Marine armies.  He brought along some nicely-converted Blades of Fire Marines, built with a mix of FW conversion kits and representing a loyalist splinter from a traitor chapter.  Well, without further ado, let's look at how the battle went!

We plumped for a 1,000 pt game, although both of us underspent by about 50-odd points and the FOC was fairly loosely-adhered to.  Apologies for the slightly blurry photos but we were underground for this game, so the lighting wasn't perfect.  The scenario represented a Blades of Fire scout mission, as they tried to secure a comms tower that may have vital information as to their parent (traitor) legion's whereabouts.  The Palladians misidentify them as the traitor unit and close in for the attack ...