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Mordian7th's Palladian Veterans: Part I

Hi everyone!  Thanks to all who've been reading over the last few days while I've been away on holiday, despite being caught by the floods I've managed to escape with only minor car damage - which I think is pretty lucky.  Back to London in a few days, where my twelfth-floor flat is in little danger of being washed out.  Anyway, fully exhausted after my six days of holiday, I'm ready to get back to sitting down, modelling and letting my shattered legs rebuild.

Right, onwards and upwards, with something a bit new.  Before we start properly I'll recap (more for my own sanity/reference) the main projects I have ongoing right now. Fallshirmjager, as well as some West Wind GermansZzzzz's command squad of Palladian GuardsmenMy converted Laser Destroyer The WW2 stuff is on the back burner, but the other two are nearly done and I hope to get an update on soon.  Seriously, I really think these 'what's on my desk' lists are helpful.  It makes me think that the…

And the Liebster goes to...

Greetings to all of you!

For those who don't know I'm on holiday at the moment, brushing up on my fitness a bit, which has turned into 'gym 'n' swim' since I've been working in London, so this is to get me out and about in the hills/sea/beach a bit.  The downside is a total lack of modelling and internetting - I miserably failed my Robinson Crusoe test; I drove 20 mins up the A1 to get to a petrol station, where I now sit, typing out my blog post :(

Sacré bleu! Collaborateur!

Yes, that's right folks, Colonel Scipio is a collaborator!

No, no, put away the lynch ropes and pitchforks.  I don't mean the sort of collaborator who turns James Donald into the Germans, I mean a wargaming collaborator.  Over the last few weeks I've been getting involved in projects with other gamers and bloggers, and I thought I'd share with you some of my thoughts on it.
Collaboration, in this context, is basically working together on a joint wargaming project.  It's a great way to add some variety to your army, tackle painting something new without starting a new army, as well as getting to know a few of your fellow bloggers a bit better.

Nebelwerfer and Weathering Practice

Evening again all!  Just time for a quick post tonight, on my Waffen-SS Nebelwerfer from Warlord Games.  I've had this for a while and recently decided to finish it off - some of you might recall last week's Fallschirmjager post, where I experimented a bit with using weathering powders on non-vehicle models.  Well, despite the initial results being encouraging, I decided to use my half-painted Nebelwerfer as a test model to get a bit of practice on using powders.  And as it happens, it turned out quite well!  So I thought I'd share this today before finishing off some of the other projects over the next few weeks.

Remembrance Sunday

It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.
General George S Patton

Fallschirmjäger WIP

Morning all!  As promised last time round, today I'm doing a quick WIP for a set of Warlord Games' Fallschirmjäger. Kudos due here to Warlord for sculpting a frankly superb set of miniatures here, some of my favourite yet.  These are due to take part in the alternate history WW2 campaign as light infantry in the North Wales area - however, as parachutists we might also see them in some of the actual Invasion of Britain scenarios that are currently in my head.

Anyway.  On to the painting ... there's nothing new here for the base coat techniques, they're the same that I use all the time.  That is:

Tshushima is Just Around The Corner...

Morning again to everybody!  Welcome back to Palladian Guard, where today I'm rounding off another  long-running project.  My Russo-Japanese war ships, from the War Times Journal site.  These are going to be used for me and Headologist to indulge our newfound naval interests - with the added bonus that almost no terrain is required!  I must apologise, especially to Mad Padre, because we haven't managed to get a game in yet and so there's no AAR at the moment :(

Rogue Trader Commander Finished!

I realised the other day that I did a WiP post for my Rogue Trader Officer, but never showed you how it turned out.  Well, you can rest easy now because here he is!

I can't tell you what a joy it was to paint this chap.  He was a very welcome change from ordinary Guardsmen and he's very different to a lot of my other officers.

Having said that, I'm not very happy with some bits of the painting, mainly the breastplate.  I tried to use the Gun Metal paint but it was a bit rubbish, it was more like glitter glue than a proper paint.  I tried to recover him and to be honest he'll pass, but if I wasn't worried about loosing the detail I'd repaint it with good ol' Boltgun Metal.