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Laser Destroyer Conversion

UPDATE:  See the painted version here

Hi all!  As promised at the end of my last post, here's an update on my latest project - a Laser Destroyer!  This is not intended to be an everyday part of my army, instead it's just an idea which struck me and I decided to try and model it up.  The seeds were first sown playing the excellent Eastern Front mod for Company of Heroes.  I often play as the Luftwaffe faction, and their reward unit is the Nashorn Tank Destroyer bearing the dreaded 'eighty-eight' FlaK gun.  I love this gun, on the game and in history.  In the game, it's a basic necessity to stop waves of T-34s and KV-1s overunning you.  Its long range, enormous power and freakish accuracy make it a truly game-dominating artillery piece.

Battle Report: Purge the Alien!

Another Battle Report!  That's right, this being my week off I managed to get down to a GW store (not my regular one) and drop in for a game.  After battling my way through the tube with a 2,000pt army on my back I managed to arrive and was paired up with a Tau player (not my usual 40K opponent Headologist.  We rolled for a mission and decided on the Purge the Alien, a very simple smash mission.  Despite my reservations about playing 2,000pts on a 4'x4' table that was what we agreed upon in the end.

Deployment was simple in that it was as much as I could do to get everything crammed into my 4'x1' area, so there wasn't really any meaningful tactics on either side, we both seemed content on a firing line.

Human Rebels

Hello again - time for a very brief post today, just some photos of a couple of models I stumbled across when packing up for my last game.

These are intended to be 'Human Rebels' - that is, non-Imperial humans, defined as rebels by the Imperium.  In the fluff for 40K, there's far too much focus (IMHO) on the Imperium and all fluff seems to be told from their perspective.  These chaps are intended to represent 'ordinary' humans - not necessarily Chaotic, just independent.  The Imperium's far too big (and busy) to have an established presence on every world.  I like to think that the majority of worlds marked on the maps as 'pro-Imperial' are in fact planets where a ship's company landed about 500 years ago, the lieutenant marched to the nearest village and announced to the nearest peasant that they now lived on an Imperial world, and then promptly departed.  On lot of 'Imperial' worlds the citizens don't even know they're part of it, …

Battle Report: Nuts to this!

Hi again everybody, and welcome to yet another battle report - that's four so far this year!  I've tried to make this one a bit more picture-heavy and less wordy.

GW Speaks ...

It's been a good long while since I've had a bit of a rant at GW's expense.  But I've also resolved to be a little bit more constructive and balanced after having one of those side-chats with a store worker, so I thought I'd post up some of the stuff that came out.

We got chatting after he asked me what I was using my purchases for (I now get all my models from alternative sites but I also still buy paints and brushes from GW direct.  I told him Mordians and some WW2 stuff - his colleague behind the counter gave a very slight disgusted look, presumably for stating out loud that I gamed with something other than GW - but his mate appeared genuinely interested.  Both in the Mordians and the WW2 models.

Rogue Trader Commander - and The Kindness of Strangers

Evening all!  I hate to start posts by apologising and pleading the Real Life defence, but things have been really busy at work so modelling has dropped behind a little bit.  Couple that with my recent rediscovery of Silent Hunter and Das Boot and it's a wonder I get any modelling done at all.  I usually get back from work at about 8pm, then an hour's gym/swim leaves me with about three hours per day to myself, so that's usually only about half an hour a day.

Nonetheless, there are a few projects going down the range at the moment - RJW Naval, WW2 Alternate History, and a few Imperial Guard tidbits.  I'm even hoping to get a game in next week when me and Headologist go back to our old childhood club for a reunion/game.

West Wind Germans Review

Hi all!  Thanks for stopping by again.  Well, we've covered quite a bit over the last month with new Sentinels and a whole new historical RJW Naval project.  So, it's time to take a look back at another ongoing project in the form of the Alternate History WW2 armies.  August was WW2 month, and I managed to complete the Army of Freedom - so it's time for Ze Chermans to get some re-enforcements.

At the moment, my German forces consist of some fairly generic mid-late war, Warlord Games Waffen-SS (painted to represent the Latvian Legion).  In time, I'll be getting some more Waffen-SS and use the Handschar Heads from Warlord to make some anti-partisan troops as well.  These will end up getting used for most of the general skirmishing - but I'll also need some generic sentries and officers as well.  The very nature of partisan and insurgency warfare means that the Army of Freedom will be choosing most of the missions - ambushing and combating the occupiers on their own t…

Ships On The Horizon

Hi everybody.  Thanks again for stopping by while I pause and take a quick look at my projects over the last couple of months, before introducing my latest.  After fiddling with the formatting of the site, I now have links across the top which show all my completed and in progress projects.  My two big ones are of course the Imperial Guard and the WW2 stuff.  With the Imperial Guard, I've finished the planned 2 - 2,500 pt army, so I'm just buying interesting things (like the Sentinels) that are fun to build.  And with the WW2, I've got a small force for each side and I'll just buy some bits to expand it as we go along.

Finished Sentinel Squadron

Hello again!  Thanks for swinging by once again.  Today, as promised, a (final) update on my Sentinel Squadron, complete with a little bit of provisional fluff.

Make sure, if you missed them, to look at the first post and the one detailing their construction.  Now all that's out of the way - the painting!