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The Founding of Seventh Company

Hi everybody!  You may have noticed my posting hasn't been quite as frequent as once it was - but I'm happy to say that I've got a number of projects on the go now that I'll be able to share.  My main one is the Sentinels - hopefully all painted up by Monday.  But also I've been doing some work on my 'Mordian'-themed army of Palladian Guardsmen, after being inspired by a book I read recently.  So while I haven't organised the fluff I've been working on or typed it up, I'm going to share a little bit about the company's origins.

The Sentinel Construction Company

... or construction of the company sentinels, whichever you like.

Yes!  After a brief look at my next plan for Imperial Guard fluff, I've been back to modelling as I finish the building of my new-look, dynamic Sentinel Squadron!  As I said last time, they were really fun to make and I'm glad I did that post, as it stimulated some quite interesting discussion about open-topped, fully detailed Sentinels vs. enclosed, better tabletop Sentinels.  I have to admit, although the interior detail is cool, I'm very much a fan of the proper Steel Legion-style closed crew compartment.  Sixgun45LC also suggested having one with an open hatch as a balance, which I did using a leftover crewman from when I bought the Imperial Guard tank commanders blister to make a spare officer.  Let's have a look at some lovely piccys, shall we?
(By the way, pictures are back up to good quality as I located my camera.  You know the pockets on the back of the driver's seat that you're suppose…

Book Review and Fluff Plans

After reading some top-quality book reviews around the blogosphere, I thought I'd branch out a bit today with a little review of a book - or rather a class of book - I became interested in recently.  The tome in question is Combat History of Heavy Anti-Tank Unit 653, by Karlheinz Munch.  I got this as a gift but it's available on Amazon for just over £10, depending on seller.  It's one of a number of books that have come out recently on the subject of the organisation and history of German units in World War II.  After a wave in the 90s and 00s of first-hand memoirs, written by veterans seeking to get their experiences on paper and pass them on to the next generation, there have recently been a number of thoroughly-researched, more technical and less personal histories of the minutiae of some German army units.  It's into this category that this book falls.

Sentinel Squadron

After coming to a natural pause in my Imperial Guard army, I've been struggling to think of what to add to it.  It's about 2,500 - 3,000 points' worth at the moment, and my gaming chums probably have about 2,000 points.  However, as they say, size isn't everything and we're not really interested in playing any battles bigger than 2,000 points - but I want to keep collecting the army for the painting and modelling purposes.  So how to expand it?

Well fluff-wise as an Infantry Company, all they should have is more infantry.  And cool though that would be, I can't face painting many more of them for now.  I might buy up a load and hoard them, for fear GW will withdraw Mordians from sale, or even worse - make them Finecast!  But for now, I thought a nice addition would be a Sentinel Squadron.  Models I haven't had in a while, and that might give me a bit more mobile AT punch (my lascannons all being immobile emplacements).

100th Post! Meet Colonel Scipio - Part II

Greetings once again!  Thanks for popping back to Palladian Guard for a very special, 100th-post-edition!  But before we get on to all that, let's take a look at the end result of my recent project to make a model to represent me, Colonel Scipio, on the battlefield!  Brave, I know - what if he dies?  Do I have to give up wargaming because of my fluff obsession, and kill him off?  We'll see.

For those of you who missed that last post, the project is a converted Warlord Games Roman miniature, who'll go with my Regimental bodyguard - the Iron Hearts Honour Guard.  A fairly straightforward idea, but one which necessitated a lot of chopping and changing to get the scales to fit.  But as you can (hopefully) see, it doesn't seem to look too bad and fits well with most of the 28-30mm GW stuff.

And now for pictures!  As Col Shofer would say, clicky for biggy ...

Meet Colonel Scipio - Part I

Hi all, welcome back to Palladian Guard.  Very exciting conversion today, as I prepare a model to go with my Iron Hearts Honour Guard.  I cryptically revealed my intentions to convert a regimental commander at the end of the last post - Colonel Scipio, my name on forums and blogs internet-wide, is in fact the name of the regimental commander of the First, or Praetorian, Regiment of the Palladian Guard.  Let's see what the Background Book has to say on this:

First-Colonel Titus Cornelius Scipio Edethoria, Regimental Principal, I Praetoriae

Iron Hearts Honour Guardsmen

Hi everyone!  Welcome back to Palladian Guard.  Today sees the completion of a very long-running project to convert some 'Iron Hearts' - heavily-armoured Honour Guard troops for senior Palladian officers.

The Iron Hearts idea came from Colonel Gravis, and was a conversion based on several specifically ordered bits: Dress Cap HeadsRough Rider ArmsVictorian Standing Legs (all from Victoria Lamb miniatures)Life Guard Torso (Gravis' Curious Constructs) You can see the WiP (from two months ago!) here.  And see the completed models below ...

Platoon Commander Replacement: 2Lt Aelius

Hi everybody!  Carrying on with more 40K today, as I show off the latest addition to the Imperial Guard army in the form of Second Lieutenant Aelius, ready to command one of my infantry platoons.

Regular readers might remember my Death By Fluff post a few weeks back, where I looked at army background, and the contraversial practice of 'killing off' characters who really do die in battle, regardless of the time and effort spent on conversions and their battle records.  Well, this of course means that Lieutenant Creticus, when he was cut to pieces in a recent battle, was gone forever.

All this means my officers have very 'real' heroics - if they do a blind charge, there really is a threat of them dying forever (rather than just being wounded and back in the next battle).  It does, of course, mean also that I have to keep the army constantly supplied with new officer models.  Their backgrounds are fairly easy (I haven't even written one for this chap yet), since the…

Army Update - 1/7th Pioneer Company

Hi everybody!  A summary post today, after my WW2 month, detailing the progress on my Imperial Guard army.  Read the page for the full story so far ...

Anyway, the development of this army had been a long time coming.  It usually squares off against Headologist's superbly converted Spears of Mawdryn Space Marines.  The original target was a company, so 2,000 pts worth with two platoons of three squads.  With the heavy artillery and tanks, this would now more comfortably fit into a 2,500 pt-er.