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Army of Freedom Complete

Colonel Scipio here, bringing you painting projects on target, under budget and to the standard the Imperial citizen expects.  Vote Scipio for a safer Forty-Second Millennium!

Which means, that as WW2 Month draws to a close I have the completed Army of Freedom to show off!  Make sure you check out the original post and the background to our alternate history project.  These are all Warlord Games packs - partisans, some individual US Airborne, and the SAS NW Europe Section.  I'll let the painting talk for itself and not waffle today - enjoy!

Painting Freehand

Hello again everyone - what's this, two posts in two days?!  Something must be up!  Well, those of you following the progress of the Army of Freedom only have a few days left before their unveiling at the close of WW2 Month here at Palladian Guard - hopefully they'll be posted in the middle of next week.

But before that, I wanted to take a quick look at freehand painting.  For me, this is divided into two parts.  Large-scale freehand is normally what you see on Golden Daemon-winning 40K miniatures.  Enormous eagles or angels painted onto the back of a Land Raider in exquisite detail.  If this is the sort of thing you want, Ron over at FTW has some breathtaking minis and good tutorials for beginners.

But what I'm talking about today is more for small-scale, historical stuff.  Badges, insignia, pips, medals, flashes ... that sort of thing.  So, how do you do it?

Vehicle Stowage - Sculpting for Beginners

Afternoon everybody!  A few posts back, I looked at how to make your own vehicle stowage from odds and ends, spending minimal cash.  I used a Hanomag halftrack as an example, and on my second vehicle (my Latvian Legion Panzergrenadier platoon needing four in total), I've tried some sculpting techniques.  This is another of the Warlord Hanomags.

My last post used bits of sprue and wire mostly, whereas this one will need a modest amount of Green Stuff or any modelling putty.  For context, I'm not a sculptor at all so this is aimed at others who haven't really used it before rather than experienced sculptors - for whose skills I have an enormous amount of respect.  This is just a very quick summary of the basic techniques I used for my three or four bits of stowage.
So, let's get started:

How To Paint British Splinter Camo

Hi everyone!  Welcome back again as we delve back in time to the Second World War to continue with the Army of Freedom!  As promised, this is a quick step-by-step to painting WW2-era 'splinter camouflage'.  Splinter camo was very widely used by the German armed forces - the Luftwaffe field divisions and Fallschirmjäger extensively used it, and the standard issue Heer zeltbahn was in splinter camo (the Waffen-SS, despite probably using camouflage uniforms the most, went for a distinctive 'pea dot' pattern however).  But they were by no means the only users - when Britain began the formation of Commando units, they used similar-looking splinter camouflage smocks.  How to paint them, you say? Well, you've come to the right place.

This tutorial is using a Bolt Action SAS figure from Warlord, and I usually use new GW paints.  There are, however, a few of the old ones that have not run out yet lurking in there.

Hanomag Halftrack Complete

I think this is turning into an all-WW2 month.  Sorry to my Palladian followers - promise there will be an update at the end of the month, as I'm still working on the squads in tandem with the Army of Freedom.  But I'm caught up now in the planning and enjoying the change of pace that painting something new brings.  And also, it seems to have made the blog more exciting - of my six posts so far this month, the titles of three have ended in exclamation marks (!).

A post or two ago, I looked at creating vehicle stowage on the cheap.  Now I've painted the model, it's time to see the results ...

Posties Rejects 20 Questions

Don't come near me!

I'm infected!!

With the latest viral sensation sweeping through the blogs - answering the Posties Rejects 20 Questions.  Deep breath, and here goes ... but make sure you take a look at Fran and Ray's answers, as well as Vladdd's (where I caught the disease).

Alternate History 101: Britain Invaded!

Continuing with the strong WW2 theme this month, I'm planning a campaign for Headologist and myself.  Some might remember the idea was an alternate history set of missions focussing on the Resistance movement of the long-expected invasion of Britain by Germany in 1940.  It's going to be set in Anglesey and Caernarfonshire (is that the right spelling Dai?), with troops from the SS Mountain Division Handschar pitted against the elite Army of Freedom, a US-backed coalition of British, French and Polish special forces mixed with local resistance groups - probably using a mix of Nuts and TW&T rules.

Without too much further ado, this is a brief historical timetable of what happened to get us to June 1942.  I include it here as a resource for anyone wishing to do something similar, but also as a raw example of how I go about reshaping history.  This is, unedited, what I typed into my laptop while waiting for my MOT.  As well as the timeline it includes some thoughts about the fea…

Making Vehicle Stowage From Nothing!

Hello again, and welcome back to what seems to be turning into World War Two Month at Palladian Guard.  In my first posts this month I did a bit of work on some 1:56 WW2 vehicles for the first time in ages.  The other day saw the arrival of the British-led Army of Freedom, and today we'll return to vehicles with a mini tutorial on how to create realistic-looking vehicle stowage from nothing!

The model is a Warlord Games Sdkfz 251 Hanomag half-track.  I picked it up off Amazon second-hand, where it only cost me £10!  Huzzah.  

The British Are Coming - Army of Freedom Lands!

Evening all!  Well, those who've been following will remember my last two updates focussed on some vehicular reinforcements for my Waffen-SS force of Latvians.  Well, with that army pretty much finished my next project is the alternate history invasion of Britain!

I'm quite a big fan of alternate history, and one of my favourite films is a little-known 1960s independent film called It Happened Here.  It details the physical and mental struggle of ordinary citizens and resistance fighters in a world where the Germans successfully invaded Britain.  It was shot entirely with volunteers, took years to make, and there isn't a single frame of stock footage (so yes, those German soldiers really did march across Trafalgar Square!)  Check out the teaser:

A Tale of Two Sonderkraftfahrzeugen - Part II

Evening again!  Well, time for Part 2 of my World War 2 update.  In Part 1, I took a look at two Warlord Game's vehicles, and build/undercoated them.  Today, I'm going to show you the stages of painting.

Part II - Painting
Hands up, I confess it.  I'm a World War 2 nut.  Wandering around central London (while avoiding Olympic marathons, thieves, buskers etc) I found myself at Foyles, which is on Charing Cross Road.  Any UK based bloggers, or visitors, I heartily recommend it - the top floor has the widest (but not the cheapest) selection of WW2 books out there. I spent over two hours and a hundred quid picking up every book going - including £20 on a book entirely devoted to the succinctly-named Sonderabzeichen für das Niederkämpfen von Panzerkampfwagen durch Einzelkämpfer. Fascinating.

A Tale of Two Sonderkraftfahrzeugen - Part I

Hello again to you all!  Ready for another action-packed post?  Well, this one should keep you going until I write one.  Boom boom!  Anyway, I'm taking a pause from my recent fluff posts to refocus on modelling.

Incidentally, if you're interested in the fluff I produce and are interested in making some of your own, I'd highly recommend my good pal Headologist's posts on the subject (especially for Marine players).  He very kindly gave me a shout in his post for people interested in Guard fluff, so I'm returning the favour by encouraging you to visit his as well.  Some really good guides for whiteshields and veteran sergeants alike on creating your own personal fluff.

With my 40K and War In South America armies both coming to a natural pause, I'm now looking again at my World War 2 project.  For those who haven't heard I'm doing a small force of the Latvian Legion after reading some good books on the subject of foreign troops serving the major powers in…