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Diorama: The Game Is Afoot!

Morning all, and welcome to a very busy day at Colonel Scipio's Headquarters.  Just put that vox-caster on the floor, and move those maps, soldier!  That's it, sit there.  With the Olympics hitting my home city, life is busy modelling time is a precious rarity nowadays.  Nonetheless, I've managed to finish an exciting project that's been in the works for some time.  This is one of those random ideas that comes into your head when you see a specific model, and think, "ooh, that'd make a nice model."

Lurking in the Background - Imperial Guard Fluff

Hello everyone, thanks again for stopping by!  Well, today you're all in for a treat.  A few days ago, the comments section on my last post got talking about the fluff and background for 1/7 Company, and the Palladian Guard in general.  Before I start out on the whole post and reveal the free download (!), I'll wax lyrical about my passion for fluff and the Imperial Guard in general .... as well as a bit of a preamble for those of you who don't know what the Palladian Guard are all about.

Praetorian Delihan Army - 99 Psyonic Detachment

Afternoon everybody!  Today sees the next update in the ongoing exchange project between myself and Lord Gordon.  This basically involves painting up some of our models in each others' colours, the aim being to have liaison or exchange officers.  The first project, Lieutenant Marcus Rhyn, was intended to be a background thing that I'd build up over the weeks.  However, it looks like he might be cutting his teeth earlier than planned!

After the death of Lieutenant Creticus, my previous platoon commander, I'm short on reinforcements (in other words, I've not converted any new Palladian officers to take his place), so he's going to be acting First Lieutenant and commander of First Platoon until I can get a permanent replacement.  Should make an interesting backstory ...

Russian Navy Gatling Gun

Hola, friend!  As promised, today sees another update in the War In South America series, as the Russian contingent beefs up its firepower.  Last week, we saw some of their experimental steam-powered Landships, and today it's time for the (slightly more realistic) addition of a Gatling Gun and crew.

These models are in actual fact Royal Navy + Gatling gun from Perry Miniatures, for £8.50 (that's around $12-13 for US/Canadian/Australian Dollars, or 3,100 Hungarian Forints).  The original kit also comes with a pith-helmeted officer (who's been reassigned to my infantry company).

Landships Ahoy!

Over the last few weeks, in tandem with my ongoing 40K Army, I've been tinkering with some 19th Century, alternate history units for a setting called War In South America - see the concept and original idea here at Sippin' On Paint Water.  This all has a slightly steampunk-esque feel to it, and unable to sculpt/scratch build the tanks (aka 'landships') like the originals, I've resorted to buying and converting my own.

Death By Fluff?

UPDATED: Sun 22 Jul.  Headologist has put together a superb triage report on Captain Nero's injuries - make sure you check it out here!

Afternoon again to all, thanks for stopping by.  Well, me and Headologist are still reeling from our mighty battle the other day which was a hard-fought draw.  It was a steep learning curve for 6th (having realised we inadvertently missed out a few of the new rules), but we're both very impressed by the changes for the most part.

Anyway, as soon as the battle ended the work really began for me.  Regular readers will know I'm a fluff addict, and all the details of my army right down to the tiniest bit of fluff are carefully recorded in my background tome.  As well as this, all the officers in my army have career service records, to which all their medals and misdemeanours are appended, so all these had to be updated.  The army has a company history as well, detailing every battle in which they've fought in true biased, Imperial language…

Battle Report: Take and Hold

Morning all, and welcome to the latest battle report between the valiant Palladian Guardsmen and my wargaming adversary Headologist!  Those who tuned into my last update will have seen the 1500 point list, so once I arrived at the field of battle we got straight to the fight.  This would be our first 40K game in a few months, and our first of Sixth Edition so we decided to avoid all house rules and field a vanilla force, just to get the feel of the new rules.

We didn't go for a structured mission - given the fairly small nature of our forces and the chance that we might have to call the game early, we did a simple Take And Hold where we had to rush scoring units onto a centre building.  That way, if we had to finish early we could easily declare a winner.  On arriving, the dining table was a bit too small, but there was an empty double bed upstairs (despite my initial reservations about where this was going ... ), which we covered in a large sheet of cardboard and a grey cloth.  S…

Prepare for Battle!

UPDATE:  Thanks for reading and commenting ... the battle's now been fought so anyone who wants to find out how they fared, read the Battle Report here!

Well, the loyal staff officers behind the scenes at Second Battalion HQ have been slaving away, cooking up an army list for an upcoming game with my old adversary Headologist next week.  We're strictly limiting our extensive house rules for this game to give 6th Edition a fair trial.  Anyway, the list:

1/7 (Pioneer) Company, Second Battalion The Life-Guards, First Regiment The Praetorian Guard

Company Command Squad - 227pts
Bolt Pistol and Melta Bombs for CommanderRegimental StandardMaster of OrdnanceBodyguardVox CasterKrak GrenadesRegimental StandardLord Commissar, with Power Weapon and Carapace ArmourRatling Squad - 50pts 5 Ratlings

Praetorian Delihan Army - Liaison Officer

Good morning, welcome again to Palladian Guard.  A very special post this morning, as I post the first work in a collaborative project between myself and the Hon. Lord Gordon; a fellow blogger from way across the seas in Rheinland-Pfalz, sunny Germany.  
While surfing the blogosphere a few weeks ago, I noticed a post offering to do a collaborative exchange project between two Guard armies.  The idea is simple, and brilliant - we each build and paint one model from each other's army to act as a liaison or exchange officer.  It's a way to link the background of two armies as well as painting a brand new model!  I snapped up the opportunity (so did Gordon) and we both got to work.
I say we both got to work; Gordon did and soon had a finished Master of Ordnance, Lt Gen Aemilius Agrippa, to show for his efforts.  I got my rear in gear and used one of the GW tank commanders with some Pig Iron legs to make the officer.  Painting was simple, I got the colours off Gordon which happene…

Renegade Guard Platoon

After quite a few months of chipping away, I've managed to finish the Renegade Imperial Guard platoon off!  Huzzahs all round!
These chaps are all Forgeworld Renegade Militia conversion sets.  Not cheep, but they look very nice.  I'd saved up for a while to get these, and they make a nice change from painting ranks of neatly-ironed tunics.  Apologies in advance for the quality of the photos but the camera's on the blink, so back to the phone for a few days.
The project began back in April, but these are so new to me that it took about five or six practice models before I could get a production line going.  An interim update came in May featuring the Command Squad, but over the last week I've been hammering through them in batches of six and finished the first platoon (and a bit) of them.

Painting Desks

Good evening everybody!  Thankyou for stopping by again.  Tonight, I write despite an all-night rave that's been set up about two hundred yards from my flat.  Bad news: (according to my letter to the council) this is now the third night of imaginary sleep my imaginary baby daughter has lost.  Good news:  Insomnia = all-night painting session!  So much has been done over the last few nights (and mornings) - but today I'm going to post up a little update on my various paint stations and work areas, so that hopefully others will join in and we can have a nice exchange of ideas.
The Desk Unlike a lot of wargamers I'm lucky in not having any family with me in the flat (except my imaginary Imperial Guard friends), so I'm a lot more free than many to sprawl my stuff over the dining table on a semi-permenant basis.

The Colonel Scipio painting operation is divided up in to three parts.  The Desk (left and right) is where most of my day-to-day painting goes on.  Paints and glue …