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How to Paint British MTP

Evening everybody!  Welcome back, I thought I'd detract from my current 40K frenzy with a post I've intended to do for a while on painting modern British camouflage, known as MTP or Multi Terrain Pattern.  I've seen a lot of attempts out there, but the problem is that this stuff's so new there's almost no decent reference material, and even if there is the models aren't accurate enough to warrant this kind of accuracy.

All that changed with Empress Miniatures UK troops (read the review here); they're lovely sculpts which are really worth going to town on with detail and accuracy.  To that end I've got some reference material (right) which I've been using as a guide for my painting.  For the finished results of the rest of the model, check out War In Afghanistan here.

Anyway - the beauty of this tutorial is that it's quite simple.  No complicated steps, in fact it's all pretty much a simple one-line-per-step.  The problem is there are many s…

Iron Hearts WiP, Updates and Legs Fixed!

Hello everyone!  Hope you're ready for a breakneck few weeks on Palladian Guard, as I've invested and started a whole host of new projects which I'm going to try and finish soon!

First off, let me introduce the first preview of my Iron Hearts - a sort of regimental command squad, the Palladian Guard's elite warriors (and the bodyguard of Colonel Scipio on the table).  These were originally an idea from Colonel Gravis, and I'm really excited about them - having finished buying most of my army I went around custom buying parts to make this squad.  The idea is they are like Rough Riders on foot - explosive spears and shields, looking a little like early Romans to tie in with the theme of my army.

Platoon Commander: 2Lt Creticus

Morning all!  Back to normal today as I continue with my series of officer background and painting articles.  In case you missed the first two, 2 Platoon's Lt Galbrio is here, and the Company Commander Capt Nero's here.

Anyway, bring on the photos!

Background Book Arrived!

A very exciting day today as my Background Book finally arrived!  I've been writing this for years now, at first in the form of notes and scraps of paper, before finally being brought together in a scrapbook and now gorgeously typed up and bound ... here's the result:

I have to say I'm reallyimpressed; this was done by a thesis-binding company for £30, and all I had to do was upload the PDF, and it was rushed to my door.  Perfect.  (Although I did pick a green cover - no matter.)
The book is written in the style of a Departmento Munitorium reference handbook and covers just about every topic I could think of: recruiting, wages, pensions rations - everything from bombs to belt buckles.  
There will be an appendix soon as well, which includes tables of organisation, badges of rank, orders of battle and some colour plates as well!  I don't mind saying I'm very excited about this as it's the culmination of years of effort.  I'd very strongly recommend that any…

Company Commander: Captain Nero

Afternoon, everybody!  Excitement abounds this week as I'm making full use of some time off work to smash through a load of projects (hence the rapid succession of posts).  Most of this has revolved around 40K, so I'm going to get some more historical stuff on the go soon.

Anyway, the other day saw a post on one of my platoon commanders, Darius Galbrio.  I tried to make it a bit of a 'multimedia' post covering fluff, gaming and painting as well.  This week, it's the turn of the famous Captain Nero and his command squad:

Steam Tank 'Medvyed'

Высокое Давление Земля-Пароход  - Медведь - 
Afternoon everyone - as hinted in previous posts, here's a post on my latest conversion attempt: an alternate history Russian Steam Tank, codenamed Medvyed (the Bear).  This is a project that's been a long time in planning, inspired by a series of articles on Sippin' On Paint Water about the War in South America, a conflict that's been raging since 1836 between Peru and Bolivia on one side, and Chile and Argentina opposing them.

What really inspired me with this was the opportunity to do something in a historical setting, but without all the constraints of working to 'historical accuracy'.  The setting is slightly steampunk-esque with tanks (or more properly 'Landships') being supplied to the various combatants by the competing European powers.
Being a 28mm player, I decided to scale up the game, with a view to doing more skirmish-style engagements with individual 28mm models, rather than stands of 1:72 for la…

Platoon Commander: 3Lt Galbrio

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by again.  As promised on Monday, today I'm going to focus on my platoon commanders and their Honour Guards today.  As well as a bit on the modelling, I'll try and cover the gaming and background as well.

So, who's in the spotlight?  Today it's 2 Platoon's turn, with Lieutenant Galbrio and his command squad.  First, the pictures:

Boarding Party

Afternoon everyone!  Exciting news: my long-awaited Boarding Party is finally finished!  After a few months of building, disassembling, reassembling and painting, I have a 4th Battalion squad ready for Zone Mortalis games.  Hurrah!
The project began way back in March, where the last update showed the construction work on the unit.  
(Unfortunately, one of the men was subsequently lost in action when I accidentally dropped him off my 11th floor balcony while undercoating.  Despite me rushing down to street level to assist he was gone - the upshot of which is that there's no flamer and the squad is now 9 men strong.  Relatively, that's the equivalent of you falling just over a mile, so I'm not surprised he didn't make it.)
There was a sneak preview of the paint jobs last month when I showed off the new bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures, and over the weekend I managed to finish off the paint jobs.  Incidentally, check out Col Ackland's blog for some interesting thought…

Cough Up: 6th Edition is Nearly Here

Hi all, thanks again for stopping by.  Hope you're all enjoying the new-look blog, it should be a bit easier on the eyes to read than the old white-on-black.  Apologies to my historical wargaming fans, but I have to do a bit of a 40K post today I'm afraid.

That's right!  Remortgage your house, smash open the piggy bank and dig out the highwayman's mask; we now officially know 40K 6th Edition is on its way!  Pre-orders are expected on 23rd June.
I won't talk too much about the specific rumours, mainly because I still play 4th Edition anyway.  Check out Faeit 212 for all the latest gossip on what to expect.  Also, anyone who wants to undercut new GW prices, I did a post a few days ago with some handy hints here.

New Officer Rules

Looking back through my old posts, I realised that I've left a project half-done.  My old Trial Officer Rules were never properly finished off, so I'm doing a summary post.  I know I promised Col. Ackland back in January that I'd put the rest up and also he gave me some splendid ideas for new officers, so apologies to him for this taking so long.

The basic idea is: Officers can be upgraded to a Special Officer TypeThis turns them into a stereotype, good or bad - maybe they're a heroic leader, a cowardly armchair general, even a fraud or black marketeer!They get upgraded stats and special rulesThe full rules are available for download here!  

Wrecked Chimera WIP

Time for more photos, I think.  This is a random project I've been working on for a few weeks on and off now, for a wrecked Chimera hull.  This is going to serve as an objective/casualty marker when it's finished.
It started life as various components of my Bitz Box.  After the other day sharing a few tips on beating price rises, I think I've ignored it all by using an expensive kit just to make a wrecked tank.  Well, the side parts have been in my box since eighteen-hundred and frozen stiff, and the central parts were left over from an old Hydra conversion.
The main part of this conversion is obviously the twisted, bubbling metal and ruins.  This was achieved through carefully melting bits of the plastic over a candle.  WARNING:  Just to point out to anyone who doesn't know this already, it is incredibly dangerous and should only be attempted by highly irresponsible wargamers since the smoking plastic fumes are very toxic.  It goes without saying that this should be do…