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The Replacement

I posted an old Company Service Record up a few days ago, with the intention of sneaking out a follow-up short story.  In yesterday's comments, good old Mad Padre picked up on the one 'link' line referring to the mysterious disappearance of the last two company commanders.  Well, a little ahead of schedule (two posts in two days?  What's going on?), all is revealed ...

How to Beat GW Price Rises

I'm sure that if there's one thing the blogosphere doesn't need, it's another rant about GW price hikes.  Lots of people have shared their thoughts on this, and I won't waffle on except to say that I'm very disappointed about the latest round, although I'll still go on buying some GW products - not directly from GW, natürlich.

Just a random aside - has anyone else noticed the scary parallel between GW 'dropping' prices while reducing the number of models in a box set to make it look like a price drop, and the 'increase' in the chocolate ration to 20 grammes in George Orwell's 1984?  Worrying...

So I thought I'd share some hints and tips, partly ones I'd amassed and some gleamed from articles/websites during the course of my blogging.

Chaos Theory

This week has seen both painting and blogging slow down to a snail's pace, making way for the relentless advance of my old enemy Real Life.  I managed to score a big victory yesterday, however, when I smuggled my paints into work and got 15+ figures done; not a bad day's work.  

And these are the spoils; more work on my Chaos Renegades army.  These are part of a sizeable FW order I've been plugging away at for some time now with a view to making about 500pts worth of minor skirmishes, then adding odd squads to it from Forge World each time in win the lottery thereafter.

Since Renegades are so expensive, they're fairly rare and there are quite a number of blogs and reviews out there so a plethora of inspiration to choose from.  One thing I do which is (I think) quite unique, I don't use any Cadian parts except for the legs - the torsos, heads and arms are all out the conversion pack sets.  This makes them spine-tinglingly expensive but drool-makingly beautiful!  

UPDATED: Basing Instinct

Afternoon all, from the (not very) sunny south side of London.  A quick update/review on something I got for my 4 Battalion Boarding Party.  Being the elite boarding crew they are, I was in bit of a dilemma what to put on their bases.  4 Battalion is technically a 'hazardous environment' unit, and although they are certainly the Palladian Guard's specialist Space Hulk-clearing unit, they're far more often found in the under hive or in some Emperor-forsaken chem-swamp.  Quite a diverse range of bases.

I decided that an urban, metal feel for the bases would fit equally well for hives and Space Hulk games.  But how to convert them?  When I first settled on urban bases, I thought the GW or FW brass etchings might work.  But a look at some online showed me that this would be very difficult as there was perhaps enough to make two or three fully metal bases in each pack.  No thank you.

Battle Honours: 121st Company

Hello again, and thanks for stopping by.  Before I begin today's post I thought I'd take a moment to thank everyone for all their comments over the months; I looked at the visitor count badge for the first time in ages and it seems since I started this blog just before Christmas, there have been over 6,000 visitors and now 30 members.  Thanks to all of you who stop by and read and I hope I can keep it coming for many more posts yet, and thank you to those who've helped me along the way with hints, tips, gifts and inspiration.

War in Afghanistan

As a follow up to my last pics of the Empress Miniatures Modern Combat range, there are some new shots of what I've managed to get done while at work this week.

Of the 40 models I have, I managed to do about 20 which is very productive for me.  These chaps are all fairly quick to paint although I do find it harder working with the lighter browns than with my more comfortable, darker, sci-fi settings.  Also, UK DPM camouflage is really hard to get right.  I might even dedicate a whole post to my efforts in this regard.

New Service Record: Captain Nero

Well howdy there, and welcome again to the Palladian Guard blog!  My life seems to be one big painting session at the moment, but with my office converted into a painting desk at work I seem to be making headway.  Anyway, as a break from all my projects and photos, I'm doing an update to one of my posts from back in January, where I had a go at producing some 'in character fluff'.

I like doing this sort of thing because it's more effective at conveying fluff than lengthy, prose descriptions of fluff.  A simple in-character sheet of paper from a radio transmission, or a set of battle orders can subtly get across what your army is about.
For those who missed it last time, the service records of my officers serve two purposes: To show their background and careersAs a proper record of their feats in battle. Fellow blogger and all-round good egg Admiral Drax has a similar thing, look at the left hand bar towards the bottom, 'cool things my penal legionaries have done'…

Let's Build a Mosque!

This is my first attempt at a terrain project, well, ever.  Me and Headologist are scurrying around trying to build up armies and play new games (as well as feeding our 40K frenzy), but we don't have a lot of terrain.  As you know, I'm working on some UK and Taliban for Force on Force, so I thought I'd throw together some Afghan buildings for use in our games.

I'm going to start with a mosque.  Why? Almost without exception, every village in rural Helmand province has a mosque (usually three or four)They are simple, rectangular standalone structures which look almost identical to one another.Compared to houses, they are very easy to make as there are no walls or add-on annexes to worry about. So, I started hunting for reference photos - which don't exist.  Afghanistan is one of the oldest urban civilisations in the world and it has some really breathtaking architecture (no exaggeration), especially in the north, and mosques tend to have the most attention paid to t…

The Painting Desk - Updated Photos!

04 May 12 UPDATE:  After realising just how poor the lighting was on some of those old photos I've retaken them all in proper daylight, all at no extra cost!

Evening all!  Greetings from the desk of the Colonel.

Those of you who tuned into my last post will remember that I'm currently juggling a multitude of different projects. I'm determined not to let any of them go stale, so I'm working through a few of each at a time.
Today there's an update on some Forgeworld Renegade psykers and the Empress Miniatures UK and Taliban.  There are only a few models, and there's a reason for this.  I don't believe in 'batch painting', even when I have a large number of models to do, I prefer to individually paint each one before moving on.  The batch approach fosters a production mentality (in my head, at least) and I become more focussed on meeting my own self-imposed targets than painting decent models.  So there are the few completed models that I've managed…