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World War 2 Project

As part of a collaborative project with Headologist and Brother Knight, we are all working on units for an Eastern Front campaign, so I thought I'd detract from the Palladian Guard theme to look at some of the painting I've been doing over the last few days.

New Arrivals

At last!  After days, nay, weeks of wrangling and delays, my order is here!

After all the hype and subtle hints that something new was in the pipeline, I was a bit disappointed at how little I'd actually got.  Squad o' Ratlings, lascannon, and a mortar.  And some new 'Liquid Green Stuff'.

The Ratlings are traditionally my least-favourite Guard unit.  Being an avid historical wargamer, I like to have a historical or real-world theme running through my armies; a niche into which Ratlings do not fit.  I've been thinking, however, that my army could do with a bit of diversification and also the fluff has attracted me.  I like the idea of the sniper/chef/spiv approach they have, and can just imagine a Company Mess run like Milo's syndicate in Catch 22.  The fact that a recent Dawn of War game included a ravenous bunch of 15 scout snipers, decimating units that strayed too close and winning me the game, may also be a factor.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

An excellent post the other day on Warp Signal got me thinking about my own hobby.  Do I take the game to seriously?  I took off my Imperial Guard hat, and sipped pensively on my Imperial-issued coffee.  I even sent my adjutant out of the dugout so I could focus properly.

Nah, probably not.
Although reading that post, I think I perhaps do paint compulsively.  I certainly agree with the whole 'painting creep' thing; the only thing destroyed in an Apocalypse game is a young child's bank account and my own faith in capitalism.  But I think, in my defence, that I need to be set targets sometimes.  50 guardsmen don't just paint themselves, and (shame though it is), a bit of tough self-discipline is what's required to prevent an unopened box from gathering dust on your shelf for years.

Current Projects

As of today, I'm STILL waiting for my latest GW order which seems to have been lost in the warp, so no shiny Ratling snipers to post up I'm afraid.  To procrastinate for a few more days, I'll share some of the other projects I've been working on over the last week.

Firstly, after playing a bit of Company of Heroes, I was pleasantly astounded by the performance of my Ostwind Flakpanzer tanks in the anti-infantry role (including wiping out a platoon of Rangers in a matter of minutes).

So I set about trying to replicate this success on the 40K battlefield.  A cursory look through my bitz box showed I had most of the necessary components for at least a turret, if not the rest of the tank.

Addicted to Base

Time for one of my random articles ... today, Notes from the Modelling Table on bases.  I've recently been trying a few more interesting variations on the normal flock 'n' shake, and thought I'd put up a little spiel on what I've come up with.
Firstly, the lovely models to key left are Warlord Games' 28mm Waffen-SS.  They're part of a WW2 project, looking at some of the less well-known aspects of the war (in this case, some of the foreign contingents; these will eventually be French volunteers).  I know it's not Palladian Guard, but I'm going somewhere with this.  As regular readers may know, I'm a big fan of using polyfiller.  It can instantly apply great deals of bulk for things like mud onto a model, it's very cheap, and it naturally dries into quite a rough, natural finish and is easy to paint.

Tank Squadron

Reinforcements! My very latest and greatest creations have arrived/been painted.  Faithful followers may recall a few tank related articles from the past, with a few shots of my completed steel behemoths and a couple of teasers, as well as my finished Vanquisher.  Well, now I can reveal all three in their glory:

Left to right (in battle formation), Demolisher, Vanquisher, Demolisher.  The squadron formation stems from a very successful combination I use on Dawn of War, Dawn of Steel (a quite excellent DoW mod available here).  The Vanquisher can comfortably deal with any long range armour business that needs dealing with, and the double-death-dealing-Demolisher combo should more than comfortably be able to wipe out any squad arrayed against it with a combined salvo.  As I say, it seems to work very well on DoW, so I'll be interested to see how they play out in the games.  To continue with gaming/tactics musings, this is a good time to bring up the thorny issue of sponsons.  Many p…