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Battle Report: Snatch 'n' Grab

You read it here first, folks:  the first ever engagement of 2nd Battalion!  In a game opening our first campaign, fifteen men of 1/7th Company, 2nd Battalion escorted the Battalion X.O. and his Artillery Officer through some deserted streets, evacuating him out of danger after an unexpected shift in the front line.  Except ... they're not deserted.  Lurking in the rafters are a squad of rebel Stormtroopers, backed by a master sniper and tasked with killing the X.O.  In addition, the Artillery Officer is to be captured at all costs:  he knows the positions of all the regiment's artillery!
This was a very small scale game, played on a tabletop (not got a board yet ... ) with a few pieces of terrain from the Imperial City set.  It was designed as a quick (almost Kill-Team) game with a few models on each side, without adhering too strictly to points limits.  As well, we played it with an almost RPG feel, so we came up with 'house rules' on the hop.
Imperial Troops
2nd Bat…

Palladian Tactics and Doctrine

Right, we've done some modelling and stuff, so now it's time for more fluff.  I'll be posting the whole document up, but on here I'm going to take out some select bits, which hopefully might inspire a few others if it's even any good ... This admittedly rather hefty section is taken from a bit which combines a bit of history and background, and goes on to look at artillery doctrine.  

Step-by-Step: Palladian Infantryman

As (regularly) promised, here's a simple step-by-step for painting up regular 2nd Battalion Guardsmen.  There's nothing very complicated here; I don't think any of the steps will surprise even the newest players, but I've been asked a bit about the technique so here it is.  I hope to do a few more of these and move on to more advanced ones as I get the hang of writing them (and remembering to photograph every stage ... )

Step 1.     The built model is cleaned and glued to a good old slottabase in the normal way.  It's been based with fine sand, along with some bits from the 40K basing boxed set. These seem quite expensive but if you're economical with the bitz, one of these can comfortably cover 20-30 minis.  It's undercoated with a Skull White spray; as you can see, fairly sloppily.  It doesn't matter, almost none of the original white will show through by the end.

Step 2.     The tunic is painted Dark Angels Green.  This includes pretty much all the fab…

Tanks for the Memories

More pictures today, I think.  After a look at the artillery pieces a few days ago, now I'm going to have a look at a few of the tanks I've got on the go.  The colour scheme is a simple Catachan Green / Graveyard Earth combo, but I've also been experimenting with a few different types of weathering and mud. First up:  Imperial Guard Vanquisher.  As I say, there's nothing too fancy about the paint job.  Some good hints and tips are available in some of the Imperial Armour books, as well as looking at some old Golden Daemons.  Looking at historical photos of tanks is a good start and there are lots of specialist modelling sites out there for historical and 1:35 gamers, with some really great tips.  The mud is done with household filler, applied very roughly after painting then washed with successive layers of brown.  The ones you see here have all been painted, then the unpainted filler added on top.  You can see the haphazard way the 'mud' goes on to the painted…

Regimental Histories

Today, I'm putting up a bit more about the history and background of the Palladian Guard.  This document covers both my armies, 2nd and 9th Battalion.  The first part is on the 121st Company, the 9th Battalion army which has fought in a campaign or two in its past.  The background, battle reports and characters are all based on real game events.

After this, the entry on 1/7th Company, 2nd Battalion, is much more bare since this army is still untested in combat, and I'll be filling in battle reports and background as they fight.

The point of all this is to show just how much you can add to your army.  If you're just a painter, or just a gamer, then that's fine.  But for me, it's everything about the game.  My models aren't just units on a tabletop, they're units I've painted, built, and who have a history and character all of their own.

The document is just one small part of the 'Codex' for the Palladian Guard, which includes reams of detail on e…

UPDATED: Heavy Artillery

UPDATED with new pics, 11 May 2013

Time for more pictures, I think.  Today, I'll show you a few of the Forgeworld artillery pieces I've done, along with a converted gun trailer.

The Palladian Guard make a lot of use of heavy artillery, with their lumbering, WWI-style tactics. Each position is methodically pounded with tonnes of ordnance prior to an assault, so the infantry advance upon a field of twisted metal and churned earth ... or at least that's the plan.
For my artillery models, the Heavy Support slot allows me three guns.  After some careful weighing up of the options, I decided to go for Earthshakers.  Although the Medusa's better stat line was tempting, the lure of 240" worth of range was too much.  At those sorts of ranges, you can dominate the largest of battlefields with the enemy powerless to react.  Another factor in my choice was of course the Forgeworld Earthshakers look really good on the trailers.
This is a good set of shots showing the Earthshake…

House Rules

A post of thoughts rather than pictures.  Firstly, this is just to talk a bit about my army, and the house rules I use for them, as well as how I go about creating my own rules.

So, the Palladian Guard has thirty regiments.  My planned army will represent some units from the First Regiment, nicknamed the Praetorian Guard.  Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted a Roman theme here ... the first Imperial Guard army I own is from 9th Battalion The Emperor's Light, a light infantry battalion.  These chaps are about 2,500 points worth of Cadians.  The current project is for an army of 2nd Battalion troops, Governor's Life-Guards.  These are parade ground troops, requisitioned by an Inquisitor (that's the background to a forthcoming campaign).

So, let's take a look at the universal special rules, first of all.  These apply to all First Regiment troops, so both the 2nd and 9th Battalion get to use these.


Welcome, visitor, to Palladian Guard!  This blog is all about a series of Imperial Guard armies, all themed around the hive-world of Palladia.  As well as looking at aspects of the 40K hobby including painting, collecting and gaming, I also hope to share some of the extensive background work on this army which has been going now for over five years.

Feel free to view, comment and even be inspired by (plagiarise) the work here.  Especially, I hope that this can provoke some discussion amongst players old and new alike, and encourage them to look beyond the rulebook and develop their own views of the fictional 40K universe.  Things like background, or even (for the talented) fiction and artwork can add real depth and character to an already enjoyable hobby.

Right, that's the commercial over, now for some drama!  I'm going to start by looking at my current project, which is a 5,000-point Imperial Guard army using Mordian Iron Guard models.  They key theme is that all my 'Guard&…